Stylish…and Drooly? Teething Jewelry for Moms

Did you ever look at an old necklace and think, “I used to really love this, but now it just seems like there’s something missing.”

If you’re a mom with a teething baby, I’ll tell you what’s missing: drool.

Like it or not, if you’re wearing something colorful or dangly, your baby is going to want to get his fingers on it and then, of course, put it in his mouth.

The drool itself isn’t so bad — look how it makes your baubles glisten! — but the risk that your little grabby guy is going to slice his gums on a sharp edge or accidentally swallow a precious stone just isn’t worth wearing whatever shiny thing you hope will distract passersby from the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in days.

Happily, I just learned that there’s actually specially designed jewelry for moms that is touted as safe for babies to gnaw on, also known as — of course — teething jewelry. Thanks to Smart Mom Jewelry for providing pics of their silicone “teething bling.”

  • When You WANT Your Baby to Bite Your Baubles… 1 of 13

    Let your little monster gnaw with abandon...

  • Bronze Donut Shaped Pendant 2 of 13

    Worried about your baby yanking your necklace a little too hard? As a safety precaution, each pendant comes with a breakaway clasp. Buy it for $19.99.

  • Zebra Pendant 3 of 13

    When you want your baby to feel like a lion ripping into its zebra prey...or: Look, pretty stripes! Buy it for $19.99.

  • Heart Shaped Pendants 4 of 13

    Let your baby bite his way into your heart (pendant)...not your real heart, because ouch. $19.99 each.

  • Ladybug Pendant 5 of 13

    This is one bug you won't want to step on. If you step on it by accident, maybe wash it before giving it to baby? Buy it for $19.99.

  • Gemstone Necklaces 6 of 13

    When one large pendant isn't enough, these are strung up with more than a fistful of silicone "gemstones." Perfect for your little baby glutton. $19.99 each.

  • Cookie Monster Pendant 7 of 13

    With any luck, your baby will grow up to think that all cookies and chocolate chips taste like silicone...more cookies for you, fewer cavities for him! Buy it for $19.99.

  • Square Shaped Pendants 8 of 13

    It's hip to be a a baby's mouth. $19.99 each.

  • Beaded Teething Bling 9 of 13
    BeadedGroup (1)

    Can't decide between beads and pendants? Let your baby take a mouthful of both! $24.99 each.

  • Fish Pendants 10 of 13

    To paraphrase Dr. Seuss: Red fish, blue fish, bite fish, chew fish! $15.99 each.

  • Starfish Pendants 11 of 13

    When you prefer your fish to have star power...$15.99 each.

  • Pearl Shimmer Pendant 12 of 13

    Stay classy with a pearl-toned pendant to match your baby's pearly whites. Buy it for $23.99.

  • Pendant and Bangles Gift Set 13 of 13

    Don't stop at necklaces: Your little teether can chomp down on bangle bracelets too, like the pair included in this pendant and bangles gift set. Sure, someone taking a passing glance might think you're raising a little vampire who is sucking on your wrist, but then you can just set them straight by flashing your fancy arm bling! Buy it for $34.99.

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Photos by W. Blaine Pennington.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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