Surefire Ways to Make Baby Laugh

Silly Dances 1 of 25
"I know from experience that dancing always gets the children laughing. Especially when you do a funny dance in front of your baby, they try to imitate it and it is so cute. By the end, both Mommy and Baby or Daddy and Baby or everyone is laughing."—Patrice
Eskimo Kisses 2 of 25
"I give my 4-month-old Eskimo kisses (rub noses) and it always gets a giggle."—Jenn
Geronimo! 3 of 25
"My 4-month-old loves it when I toss a lightweight plush toy giraffe named Geronimo onto his belly. I count down 3-2-1 and yell 'Geronimooooo' as I toss it and he howls!"—Jesse B.
Hankie, Please 4 of 25
"When she was 3 months old, my daughter's first laughed at her grandma fanning herself on a hot day! Now at 4 months old, Mommy or Daddy blowing their nose (honk, honk) really gets her going!"—Sarah
Tickle Monster 5 of 25
"My 6-month-old loves being tickled. I will take a deep breath in and he starts laughing so hard I haven't even tickled him yet, but he knows it's coming. We all laugh so hard we actually have to stop for a breather."—Tiffany L.
Balloon Belly Laughs 6 of 25
"Blow up a balloon then let it go and you will hear the craziest laugh ever!"—Cole

Balloons are a choking hazard for young children, so be sure to pick them up after playtime.
Neck Nibbles 7 of 25
"I munch on my 4-month-old daughter's neck and make biting sounds. It makes her giggle and squeal in delight."—Amba S.
Classified Fun 8 of 25
"My 9-month-old loves it when I read aloud the newspaper ads. 'Look, they're selling lawnmowers!' He cracks up every time. He also laughs uncontrollably at the dog just walking by."—Trina H.
Foil Fun 9 of 25
"When my first son was about 7 months old, he thought that aluminum foil was the funniest thing ever! We would cover the broiler pan with foil and flash it at him then hide it. He would giggle and laugh so hard!"—Joy M.
Blowing Raspberries 10 of 25
"My 4-month-old loves it when we blow raspberries on her belly! I also can get a happy little shriek out of her if I pretend to gobble up her toes (without using my teeth, of course!)"—Lauryn
Massage Madness 11 of 25
"The quickest way to make my 7-month-old son laugh is by giving him a shoulder/back massage. The minute I start rubbing his shoulders, and moving my thumbs down his back, he curls up and makes the weirdest laughing noises ever!"—Veronica M.
Where's Baby? 12 of 25
"I sit right beside my 9-month-old and pretend I can't see her. I say, 'Now where's Emmy? I can't find her!' and be very dramatic about looking for her, never making eye contact. It cracks her up."—Debra
Fetch! 13 of 25
"My daughter loves for me to throw the ball to our dog. The first laugh happens when I throw the ball, but the big one comes when the dog brings it back. A guaranteed laugh every time!"—Suzanne
A-choo! 14 of 25
"My baby thinks it's funny when I sneeze so now I do very dramatic fake sneezes that crack her up."—Michel
Where's Mommy? 15 of 25
"I hide behind the edge of the bed while my baby sits in the middle. I pop my head up and say, 'Wheeeeee!' She cracks up!"—Julia
Shh, It's a Secret 16 of 25
"My 4-month-old son loves me to whisper secrets to his ears. Even though I may not be saying real words, to him the sounds I make are just the funniest thing!"—Susan Q.
Giddyap! 17 of 25
"A sure way to make a baby laugh is by pretending that your leg is a horse, then act as if you're tired, and just when the baby thinks you're finished bouncing, start up bouncing again really fast!"—Latotsha L.
Bed Bouncing 18 of 25
"My 4-month-old loves it when I put him on the bed on his back and bounce him high enough until he comes off the bed. He cracks up laughing!'"—Tiffaney B.
Evil Genius 19 of 25
"My baby must be an evil genius in the making because she loves it when we throw our heads back and do an 'evil' laugh, loudly saying, 'bwa-ha-ha-ha!'"—Janet
Gonna Getcha! 20 of 25
"When my 11-month-old is crawling around, I'll get on my hands and knees and say, 'Mommy's gonna get the baby!' as I crawl toward her really fast. She hurries and crawls away, but always lets me catch her. She giggles so much it makes me laugh."—Jennifer
Tongue Twister 21 of 25
"My baby loves for me to stick my tongue out at her. She thinks it's the funniest thing to see and then she tries to do it herself!"—Shannon C.
Pacifiers and Ponytails 22 of 25
"My son likes it when I put his pacifier in my mouth backwards and he tries to get it with his mouth. We bump noses and he thinks it's just hilarious. Another way is to shake my ponytail from side to side."—Christy
Feather Fun 23 of 25
"I am a children's photographer, and the best way I found to make a baby laugh is to tickle feet with a feather duster!"—Cheryl H.
Stinky Feet 24 of 25
"I lean down to smell my baby's feet and then I look up at her and use a high-pitched voice to say, 'Phew! Stinky feet!' She laughs uncontrollably."—Nicole
Toy Toss 25 of 25
"Throw objects up in the air and make a big fuss of catching them!"—Becky A.
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