Surviving A Sleep Regression

Are we going to make it through this?

To describe this past week as rough is a pretty gross understatement. My three-month-old that previously slept for 7-8 hour stretches and only got up once through the night is now awake every 2 to 3 hours around the clock.

It was one thing to do the whole “up every two hours” thing back when he was a newborn. I expected it then. I was prepared. He also slept all day long, which allowed me to recover during the days with naps and downtime. But now? He’s three months old. My days are a constant circus of dancing, singing, bouncing, walking, and finding other ways of entertaining him. Down time is something totally foreign to me.

Are we going to make it through this sleep regression?

Of course we will, but it’s getting ugly.  Just a few weeks ago Cullen would go down to bed at 7:30pm, and not wake until around 3:30am for the first feeding.  After that, he was back down until 7:30 or 8, and then we were up for the day.  This allowed me to not only sleep, it gave me enough time in the morning to shower, eat breakfast, and prepare before our day started.

And just a few weeks later, our nights now look like this:

7:30pm – bedtime for baby (because I physically cannot keep him up any longer – trust me, I’ve tried).

11pm – crying, needs to be fed.  Feed him and finally go to bed myself.

2:30am – up again, crying, and also needing a diaper change.  I change his diaper which wakes him up more than I would like.  Feed him and put him back in the crib.  He smiles up at me, with no intention of going back to sleep.  Spend the next hour standing by his crib, holding a pacifier in his mouth, and sending frustrated tweets to no one since the rest of the world is asleep.

3:30am – we both finally go back to sleep.

5:00am – up again!  not hungry, not wet — just ready to start the day.  I pull him into my bed and stare at him like a zombie for about an hour before finally giving up and conceding that we are not going back to sleep.

And then I spend the rest of the day in a sleep-induced haze, putting orange juice away in cabinets instead of the refrigerator, and sending emails full of typos and bad grammar.  A lot of moms have told me this is normal for an almost-four-month-old.  Can someone who has seen the other side please tell me this is true?  He IS going to sleep again eventually … right?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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