Swedish Doctors Stop Circumcisions

Doctors in western Sweden have announced they will no longer perform circumcisions on newborn baby boys.

Their decision to suspend routine circumcisions isn’t another of Sweden’s enviably holier-than-the-rest laws regarding parents and babies (I’m thinking maternity leaves, breastfeeding rates, etc.). Rather, it’s a matter of resources. Watch out, this will also be fodder for those in the U.S. who oppose universal health care.

The doctors say they will skip the optional surgeries to focus on sick children.

Here’s what one surgeon told UPI:

“We have deprioritized (circumcision) to help sick children, such as (by providing) surgery on tight foreskins for medical reasons. And obviously we cannot carry out these operations without sacrificing something else,” pediatric surgeon John Westfelt said.

The head of the regions healthcare committee said they are currently looking for a doctor who is willing to perform circumcisions for the 300 or so Jewish and Muslim newborn boys born in there every year.

Is this really a matter of resources or are the doctors taking a stance on circumcision. Don’t miss this discussion of female circumcision and legislation banning it.

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