Taking Baby Out to the Ball Game (PHOTOS)

If there is one reason that I love the beginning of spring it’s because it is also the beginning of baseball season. I’ve long been a baseball fan and I want to share that love with my girls. I’m very thankful to live in a city with great baseball games that are fairly easy for us to get to without a car. We took the girls to their very first baseball game last season and while Avery was only a few months old, she was such a trooper during the entire game.

We went to our first game of the season yesterday to watch the Mets at Citi Field. I was a little bit worried about bringing Avery because she is so active now and has no interest in sitting still. We decided to take both girls because we wanted them to be able to enjoy some of the same things that my husband and I did growing up. Thankfully Citi Field is very kid friendly and there were plenty of places to let Avery run around.

To my surprise, Avery did really well while we were at our seats watching the game. She sat in my lap most of the time and then walked back and forth between our seats when she just wanted to get down and move. She is such a little social butterfly that she enjoyed having so many people around us to keep her busy and chatting. The game was so much more fun than I expected and I had such a great day at the ball park with my family!

  • Avery’s First Baseball Game of the Season 1 of 11
    Avery's First Baseball Game of the Season
    A look at Avery's first Mets Game of the season!
  • We Met Mr. Met 2 of 11
    We Met Mr. Met
    Avery could not keep her eyes off of Mr. Met. It was definitely a highlight of her day.
  • Daddy and His Girls 3 of 11
    Daddy and His Girls
    Who says daddy needs boys to enjoy the game with? He had fun with all three of his girls at the game.
  • Enjoying the Game 4 of 11
    Enjoying the Game
    Avery took a second to steal her sister's hat and put it on. She looked so cute and was having such a good time.
  • Her Seat for the Game 5 of 11
    Her Seat for the Game
    Avery went between sitting in my lap and walking back and forth between our seats. She had a great time and loved chatting with all of the people around us.
  • She Wants a Hot Dog Too 6 of 11
    She Wants a Hot Dog Too
    Poor Avery was trying so desperately to have some of Harlan's hot dog. Unfortunately she's just a little too young for it, but she did enjoy chewing on a few french fries. You have to indulge when you are out at the ball park!
  • Sleepy Head 7 of 11
    Sleepy Head
    Avery slept for over two hours at the game. It was her only nap of the day. I could tell she was tired and just sat her down on my lap and rocked her back and forth. Despite the screaming and cheering, she slept so well. I even had to wake her up when the game was over so that we could leave.
  • Mets Win! 8 of 11
    Mets Win!
    You can totally tell that Avery was woken up from a deep slumber, but she doesn't realize that the Mets won in the last inning of the game! I was pretty excited. She was just trying to wake up.
  • Checking out the Field 9 of 11
    Checking out the Field
    After the game the Mets put on a Mr. Met Dash where they let families with children go on the field and the kids run the bases with Mr. Met. It was pretty amazing to be on the field that we just watched for the last four hours.
  • Mommy and Her Girls 10 of 11
    Mommy and Her Girls
    It was so fun to be able to experience the game with both girls. They did so well and let us enjoy watching the four hour baseball game.
  • Great Game! 11 of 11
    Great Game!
    It was a long day, but a great one. I love being able to experience new things with my little family.

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{Disclosure: I received complementary tickets to the Mets game.} 

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