Taking Baby to the Children’s Museum

We’ve kept busy this week in Florida. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit and have ventured out by myself with the girls everyday this week. It has been extremely rewarding on all accounts. I’ve had a great time and have become much more confident in my mothering skills and the girls have had a vacation to remember.

One of our adventures was to the new children’s museum in Tampa. I knew that my three year old, Harlan, would love it, but I was unsure how Avery would to because there wasn’t anything there was was geared towards babies. Much to my surprise, Avery had the absolute best time. She played with nearly everything they had and had a ball doing it. I was completely impressed at how much she’s grown in some of her motor skills. She followed her big sister most of the time and tried to do just what she was doing. It was so much fun to watch both of them have the greatest time together.

  • Driving the Boat 1 of 11
    Driving the Boat
    The first floor of the museum was water themed and had a boat that the kids could drive. Avery likes any wheel that she can turn herself. She was totally into driving the boat.
  • What is this? 2 of 11
    What is this?
    They had so many water tables that Avery had no idea what to do with.
  • Can I drink the water? 3 of 11
    Can I drink the water?
    Her first initial reaction to the water table was to drink the water. She would scoop it up to her mouth and lick her hand. We put a stop to it pretty quickly, but I couldn't help but laugh a little bit.
  • I get it now! 4 of 11
    I get it now!
    After a couple of minutes she got the hang of it and didn't want to move from that spot! She splashed, ran her hands under the water, and played with all of the toys.
  • Through the tunnel 5 of 11
    Through the tunnel
    She wouldn't go through this tunnel. No matter how crazy or silly I got, she wouldn't budge. She did laugh at my silly antics though.
  • Picking up some canned vegetables. 6 of 11
    Picking up some canned vegetables.
    They had a miniature Publix (my absolute favorite grocery store that I miss dearly) in the museum. Avery had a blast "shopping" and picking out her food necessities.
  • Let’s go grocery shopping! 7 of 11
    Let's go grocery shopping!
    She had even more fun putting her groceries into the basket. It was completely filled by the time she got finished with it. She's a pretty good grocery shopper.
  • At the vet! 8 of 11
    At the vet!
    The pretend vet had some adorable stuffed animals to take care of. She fell in love with this little dog and kept putting it towards her face so that it could give her "kisses."
  • Avery is Dr. Harlan’s assistant. 9 of 11
    Avery is Dr. Harlan's assistant.
    Harlan was the vet and asked Avery to be her assistant. Avery was very happy with it and followed Harlan nearly everywhere.
  • Dancing the day away. 10 of 11
    Dancing the day away.
    There was a dancing room with lights and music. Avery is a huge music lover and danced the entire time. She had a crowd around her by the time the song was finished.
  • A perfect day for two little girls. 11 of 11
    A perfect day for two little girls.
    I couldn't have asked for a better day with the girls. They got along better than I could have imagined and Avery had so much fun playing with everything. It's definitely encouraged me to take them out and do things like this more!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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