Taking My Newborn Shopping For The First Time

I wrote a post recently asking how long you should keep a newborn home.

The responses were really varied. Some of you took your newborn baby out and about from day one, while others, like me, are more conservative, opting to keep the newborn away from crowds for several weeks.

I will admit it, I am probably a little more on the paranoid side, which is why it took me 9 weeks to finally gather enough courage to take my baby with me into a store.

I didn’t want to make grocery shopping our first in-store experience, so, I went shopping with Kara and my mom at our local Office Max.

Kara did really well, and only required a trip around the store in the cart to calm her down once. Generally, she was in good spirits, and enjoyed looking around at all the bright lights.

Of course, I am convinced that every single person we passed in the store was coughing. EVERY SINGLE PERSON, and every time, I cringed.

I know that I cannot shield my kids from every germ, and even though I try, we all end up getting sick all the time regardless, but there is some special anxiety when it comes to taking a fresh new baby out into the big bad world.

I’m pretty pleased with how our first shopping trip went, and I feel more confident about going out with Kara now.

Were you nervous the first time you took your baby into a crowded area?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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