Tayden's First Day in Photos

Braggy aunt alert! My nephew is super cute and his mom (my only sister) kicked birth’s ass. He’s now 4 days old and even cuter than he was on days 1,2 and 3. I’m so thankful I was able to be here for the occasion, that she had the support of friends and family and that everything went as well as it did. One of my greatest dreams and goals is to be able to shoot birth stories all over the world.

Nothing is more beautiful and powerful to me than the birth of a child and there’s nothing I love more than telling a story with photography. My hope is to one day to be able to capture the story of a hundred different births and show the beauty in all of the pain. The joy in all of the misery.

Of all the births I’ve photographed, or will photograph, none will ever be as near and dear to me as the birth of my sister’s first son and only nephew on my side of the family.

While parts of my mourns the fact that I didn’t have a photographer at my own birth, I’m so thankful it’s a gift and talent I can share with others.

  • Wanna Dance? 1 of 20
    Wanna Dance?
    In a moment between contractions, my sister's husband asked 'Wanna dance?" and they did. It was really cute.
  • Leaning 2 of 20
    One of the last positions we found was having her lean over a chair. It allowed us to press on her hips really well.
  • Contraction 3 of 20
    She had to get back into the bed to be checked and she hated being in a seated position.
  • Resting 4 of 20
    Sitting on the birthing ball, leaning over the bed. She did such an amazing job at moving positions and listening to her body.
  • Support 5 of 20
    Her husband was amazing through the whole process. They were both exhausted but he took such good care of her. Made me happy.
  • Counter pressure 6 of 20
    Counter pressure
    "HARDER!" she would yell, even though we were sure that if we pushed any harder on her we'd break her pelvis.
  • Quiet 7 of 20
    She finally got a moment to rest before she had to push, she was still so uncomfortable but able to close her eyes between contractions.
  • By Addie 8 of 20
    By Addie
    My oldest brought her a drawing to help her feel better. It's one of the best drawings she's ever done,
  • Tayden! 9 of 20
    He finally made it after 2.5 hours of pushing with a full head of dark luscious hair.
  • Dad’s adoration 10 of 20
    Dad's adoration
    The only thing as good as new babies is new dads. The pride and happiness on their face is spectacular.
  • Strong grip 11 of 20
    Strong grip
    "He's got a strong grip!" his dad said with pride when Tayden grabbed his finger for the first time.
  • NINE POUNDS 12 of 20
    No one in that room ever saw a nine pound baby coming out of my tiny sister. Somewhere around 110 pounds when she's not pregnant we were all shocked when the scale said 9 pounds. My mom had them double check.
  • Footprints 13 of 20
    Getting his big old froggy feet printed for posterity.
  • First time 14 of 20
    First time
    This was the first hand off to dad so he could take him over to my sister.
  • First family photo 15 of 20
    First family photo
    My sister was still so overwhelmed and exhausted, but she had done it. She had her baby.
  • Hi! 16 of 20
    Once everything had slowed and settled down, she was able to really meet her son for the first time. She was in love.
  • Meeting his cousin 17 of 20
    Meeting his cousin
    We brought Addie back later that night to meet her new cousin she had waited all winter for.
  • Happiest cousin ever 18 of 20
    Happiest cousin ever
    She loved him so much. My sister loved having Addie's beaming smile and contagious energy around.
  • Grandpa and GiGi 19 of 20
    Grandpa and GiGi
    Meeting his great grandma and his grandpa for the first time. He's a handsome boy (I may be partial.)
  • Kisses 20 of 20
    I DIE. Kids meeting babies may rank right under new dads as the cutest of cute.

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