Anxiety, Technology and the Wired Onesie

babyMy pregnancy with Silver was not smooth sailing. In fact, none of my pregnancies have been. From the moment the pregnancy test turned positive, the anxiety grew with each day. Miscarriage will do that to you. Having been through 12, there was no safety in pregnancy for me and my husband–just fear and anxiety.

It’s not a comfortable feeling to be out of control when control means so much to you. Thankfully, with the help of a lot of medical interventions, medications, research and knowledgeable doctors, I have been blessed enough to welcome four healthy children into the world.

Living with that anxiety for nine months of pregnancy and seeing my child safely enter the world, I would love to say the anxiety ends there. Truth is, it doesn’t. There are times I find myself staring at him while he sleeps, watching his chest move up and down, just to make sure he’s OK.

New parent anxiety is a normal thing because here is this new human who is so dependent on our care. Whether you’re a brand new parent or a seasoned one, those first few months and years of parenthood can do a number on your nerves. Of course, we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to make sure they’re happy and healthy. I think that’s why we’ve seen such an influx of crazy technology that keeps tabs on our children.

Years ago, I saw the first monitor available to purchase that kept track of your baby’s breathing at night. It was marketed to help reduce the risk of SIDS because it would alert if your child stopped breathing for a period of time. Then came the ultrasound dopplers that you can rent to keep track of your baby’s heart rate during pregnancy. Since then, these tech gadgets to monitor and track your newborn’s health have grown to a new level

The latest development is called the Mimo Baby Monitor which made it’s debut at the CES 2014, a technology and consumer trade show. Basically, this product is an internet-enabled onesie that tracks all the things you think you want to know about your baby–but maybe you don’t. This outfit sends you live updates straight to your phone and will keep an eye on everything including your child’s breathing, movements, temperature, and body position.

While from the outside this product–and the other similar products available–may sound like a good idea to the nervous new-parent, I fear these will only add to the anxiety. It was my first instinct when I was pregnant to rent an ultrasound doppler to keep track of my baby’s heart rate in utero. I had to stop myself from buying the breathing pad when my child was born. I didn’t get either, because while it sounds like it would be comforting to know what these numbers were, I knew that I could quickly become obsessive. It would end up doing more harm than good as I lost even more sleep wondering why this number went that way and that number went the other way. There is such a thing as having too much information when it comes to the health of your newborn.

What do you think about the wired onesie? Does it help or cause more stress for already stressed parents? 

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness
h/t: The Huffinton Post

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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