Teething Ear Infection. Blergh.


She’s such a happy baby.

I mean, normally she’s such a happy baby, and then teeth happened.

Either I have the biggest mental block from surviving Addie’s teething or Vivi really is the holy terror of teethers, regardless, after the third night of three straight hours of teething I started to think that there may be something more to this whole teething business.

She hasn’t been eating well, sleeping well or existing well so yesterday I packed up Miss OneToothCrankypants and took her to the pediatrician.

The good news? It wasn’t just teething, so I’m not crazy. The bad news? It wasn’t just teething, there was a little ear infection to boot.

But wait! There’s more good news! (Or at least I think it is.)

We’ve heard a lot about the over prescribing of antibiotics, so going into the doctor I knew that unless it was a really serious ear infection (or something else) I didn’t want an antibiotic. She was on one in her first week of life for a UTI and it was about *thismuch* fun. It made her pee smell horrible and administering it was less than fantastic. Thankfully her pediatrician was on the same page and he figured she was on the tail end of an ear infection and prescribed in ear pain relief drops. They contain a topical pain killer and numbing agent and seem to help a lot, I know if I have an ear ache I just want it to feel better and taking oral painkiller seems silly, JUST PUT IT IN MY EAR THAT’S ALL THAT HURTS. (Side note: I once had an ear ache and used garlic oil at the advice of a very crunchy mama. All I wanted was scampi all. night. long.)

She’s sleeping so much better and is almost back to the happy Vivi I’m familiar with.

Addie only had two ear infections and this is Vivi’s first (and hopefully last.)

Have you heard of in ear pain killers?


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