Teething Troubles? Readers Share Their Favorite At-home Remedies

Watching your baby grow up is a mix of wonder, excitement, and sadness. And when it comes to teething, you can also add headaches and tears — yours and baby’s.

We asked Babble readers how they handled the drooling, screaming pain as baby’s first teeth came in. Their answers, especially the non-medicinal, homespun ones, are easy and effective. Parents, get your freezer ready!


  • Born and Bread 1 of 14
    Born and Bread

    Cut up bread into thin, stick-like pieces and freeze. Then let baby chew on it.

    — Submitted by Kristin Arnold

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  • Old-school Teething 2 of 14
    Old-school Teething

    This will make me sound ancient, but whiskey-soaked, old fashioned, clothespins worked great.

    — Submitted by Kelly Harris Aulenbach

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  • Pucker Up 3 of 14
    Pucker Up

    Slices of lemon — even better if they've been in the freezer.

    — Submitted by Pamela Cook

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  • Scrub-a-dub-dub 4 of 14

    Frozen washcloths were the ticket!

    — Submitted by Tiffany Pigtales Stahl

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  • Love at First Bite 5 of 14
    Love at First Bite

    Popsicles or frozen bananas. The cold feels amazing on the gums.

    — Submitted by Maria Zingales

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  • Soak Up the Pain 6 of 14
    Soak Up the Pain

    We buy sponges, get them wet, and freeze them.

    — Submitted by Caprice Wilson Dean

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  • Forbidden Fruit 7 of 14
    Forbidden Fruit

    Unopened frozen fruit snacks. The babes love the crinkling noise when they gnaw on the wrapper with the hard, frozen fruit snacks inside.

    — Submitted by Kayla Bauer

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  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink 8 of 14
    Everything But the Kitchen Sink

    Whiskey — for me, of course! We [also] used teething tablets, frozen fruits and ice in the mesh feeder, Tylenol/Motrin, cold washcloths …

    — Submitted by Andrea Hepburn

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  • Leggo My Eggo! 9 of 14
    Leggo My Eggo!

    Frozen waffles.

    — Submitted by Leslie Lawrence

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  • Brushing My Tooth 10 of 14
    Brushing My Tooth

    My son loves to chew on his banana-shaped toothbrush

    — Submitted by Lucy Oliver Monte

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  • Shouldnt Put a Ring On It 11 of 14
    Shouldnt Put a Ring On It

    Hyland's teething tablets and Advil. My daughter hated teething rings.

    — Submitted by Ellen Shannon Barber

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  • Pacify Her 12 of 14
    Pacify Her

    Frozen binkies work great, even if your baby doesn't really use them.

    — Submitted by Judith Dussault

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  • Baby Bling 13 of 14
    Baby Bling

    My baby wore a homeopathic amber teething necklace — made to wear, not chew. It really helped with swelling.

    — Submitted by Stephanie Eileen Polson

    Photo credit: Amber Artisans

  • The All-natural Approach 14 of 14
    The All-natural Approach

    Lots of hugs, kisses, and patience.

    — Submitted by Laura Williams Smith

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What’s your best teething tip? Tell us in the comments!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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