Dress Up Your Little Turkey for Thanksgiving

Baby's First Thanksgiving - WIll You Dress Up Your LIttle Turkey on Thanksgiving?
Baby’s First Thanksgiving – WIll You Dress Up Your LIttle Turkey on Thanksgiving?

I am one of those moms who buys crap for holidays. Yep. That’s me.

Hallmark loves me. They could make up a holiday for Chapstick, and there is a chance this sucka would buy a shirt honoring it. Okay, well I’m not THAT bad.

Now that I’ve confessed one of my commercial sins, let’s talk having fun on Thanksgiving.

Forget the family bickering. The who brings what dish. The which family should we go to. The what time to eat. The chaos.

You have a baby. And that baby is cute. And yes, some of these things I am about to show you are ridiculous.

Here are 12 Cute Items to Dress Up Your Little Turkey for Thanksgiving:

  • Pilgrim Baby Hat – Photo Prop 1 of 12
    Pilgrim Baby Hat - Photo Prop
    This photo prop hat screams "Baby's First Thanksgiving".
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  • Turkey Hat 2 of 12
    Turkey Hat
    I mean how hilarious is THIS? A little turkey hat for you turkey.
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  • Infant Turkey T-Shirt 3 of 12
    Infant Turkey T-Shirt
    Gobble Gobble - this shirt comes in white and pink.
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  • Turkey Baby Clothing Set 4 of 12
    Turkey Baby Clothing Set
    How cute is this little Thanksgiving outfit? Cute colors and adorned with a little turkey - of course.
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  • Gobble Gobble – Turkey Costume 5 of 12
    Gobble Gobble - Turkey Costume
    If I was still on kid #1 - my kid would SO be in this. Gone are the days of being able to spend lots of money on 1 kid. But I'd SO dress my kid up for Thanksgiving in this. Yes, I have no shame. ALMOST anything for a photo op.
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  • Gobble Onesie 6 of 12
    Gobble Onesie
    This onesie says it all. Plain and simple. gobble.
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  • Little Indian Outfit 7 of 12
    Little Indian Outfit
    How stinking adorable. I told you I was a sucker.
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  • My First Thanksgiving Bib 8 of 12
    My First Thanksgiving Bib
    Even if you don't go full blow TURKEY on your kid, at least get him or her a My First Thanksgiving bib. Easy. Simple. Cheap. BOOM!
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  • Darling Thankgiving Headband 9 of 12
    Darling Thankgiving Headband
    Oh I miss having a baby girl (but my pocket book DOESN'T!). Check out this darling headband with bow.
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  • Turkey Peasant Outfit 10 of 12
    Turkey Peasant Outfit
    Oh baby girl cuteness! Check out this turkey peasant outfit.
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  • Turkey Slip On Shoes 11 of 12
    Turkey Slip On Shoes
    For a boy or girl - these hand painted slip on turkey shoes are over the top!
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  • Adorable Thanksgiving Play Outfit 12 of 12
    Adorable Thanksgiving Play Outfit
    This little Thanksgiving outfit is a good ol' Carter's piece, guaranteed to be simple, cute and easy to play in.
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Do You Go Ridiculous Overboard on the Holidays with Dressing Your Kid?


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