That Motherly Instinct

motherly instinct
Connected with your kids, knowing their needs - it's a God-given gift to Moms.

A cough, fever and sore throat has overtaken me. My head hurts and tonight I waived the white flag and called in the troops to help with the kids. (Troops = Husband)

In times of need, is when I excel. Unfortunately being sick is no time to excel with an infant. I am so afraid of getting our little Zeke sick!

It’s 2:55 am.  I am laying in bed, sweating off a fever and crying. 20 minutes ago, I woke up in a panic knowing something wasn’t right. Sure enough that motherly instinct was right on.

My husband had taken the baby downstairs so I wouldn’t awaken when he cries. Whoops. That didn’t work. I ran downstairs when I knew something was off, and sure enough – BOOM! – baby meltdown.

Mothers have a natural instinct when it comes to their children. It’s amazing how insanely connected to my children I am. While he can’t talk, my little dude’s cry tells it all. Change me. Feed me. Burp me. Hold me. I can distinguish the need.

Crazy enough, as my other kiddos have grown older I’ve been able to hone in on their needs from their actions, reactions and faces. Do you need to talk?  Do you need a hug? That motherly instinct will tell you.

How Has That Motherly Instinct Effected You?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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