The 10 Best Foods for Introducing Your Little One to Solids

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With all of my little ones, when it came time to introducing them to solid foods, we went with the same ten foods. Without a doubt, you’ll notice that babies will be mouth-wide-opened to all of the different choices — but they all definitely have their favorites. We found out that some of these foods quickly became their favorites. A simple healthy solid food is always the best start!

It’s chow time, baby! Click-through the 10 best foods for introducing your little one to solids!

  • Cereal 1 of 9

    Good ole' rice cereal has been a favorite for pastimes and is a great way to start. You don't have to worry about adding in any fruits or anything. Just mix it up with formula, warm water, or even yogurt, and you'll be ready to go. 

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  • Avocados 2 of 9

    Grayson loves avocados! And I love them too. Especially because they are so easy to mash-up and make easy for baby to digest. You don't even have to whip-out the food processor. Just mash em' up with a fork and they are good to go. 

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  • Applesauce 3 of 9

    Applesauce is a classic favorite. You can easily puree apples for baby to enjoy and find plenty of great recipes to make it yourself. 

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  • Green Beans 4 of 9

    Green beans is one of the first vegetables on our list because you want to choose a vegetable that doesn't taste as sweet as sweet potatoes. You should always go with vegetables first anyway so they don't think all food tastes as good as applesauce. Like Mom always says, eat your greens! 

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  • Sweet Potatoes 5 of 9

    If you are looking for the perfect vegetable for a family dinner,  sweet potatoes are your guy. Bake them for the rest of the family and whip up baby their own recipe. Or for the ready-to-go option, try these Stonyfield Yobaby Yogurt Pouches in Sweet Potato flavor! 

    Recipe via Annabel Karmel 


  • Bananas 6 of 9
    Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.37.12 AM.png

    Bananas are a great hands-on food for your new solid food eaters. Grayson loved feeding himself bananas and at 18-months-old they are still one of his favorites. 

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  • Blueberries 7 of 9

    Wash them, steam them, and puree! You can also add some yogurt to make the mix smoother — and tastier of course! In just three easy steps, blueberries will be ready for your baby. This is a great solid food when they are ripe in the summertime and will quickly become a favorite. As they get older, let your baby feed himself. They are perfect for tiny hands. 

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  • Carrots 8 of 9

    Whether you are buying them from a jar or looking for recipes yourself, you'll have endless options with carrots. It's definitely one of the better tasting veggies to small taste buds, and it's also a great vegetable to start with (plus good nutrients). 

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  • Oatmeal 9 of 9

    For older babies, plain or flavored oatmeal with added fruit is a great alternative to the classic solid foods. 

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