The 10 Craziest Nativity Scenes EVER

The depiction of the birth of baby Jesus has appeared in almost every art movement, from Byzantine to Baroque. Nowadays various versions of the Three Wise Men greeting the Savior appear on lawns all over the world throughout the month of December. So, in the age of graphic design and graffiti, how do our interpretations of this iconic scene stack up to the classics?

My momma taught me that if you can’t say something nice, you best hush up, so I’ll let the 10 craziest nativity scenes ever do the talking for themselves. Check them out after the jump! — Rebecca Bohanan

  • A Holy Cat-astrophe 1 of 10
    A Holy Cat-astrophe
    All I want for Christmas is for someone to tell me this cat is alive. There's no way my little kitten would stay flopped on the couch long enough for me to build a mini manger on his ribcage. Is Alicia Silverstone on this?
    Photo credit: Inlander
  • Piglets in a Manger 2 of 10
    Piglets in a Manger
    Lady GaGa designed this meat manger for her Barney's New York Christmas collection. No, just kidding. This is the work of a meat lover with a little too much time on their hands — and a very interesting interpretation of the Bible (I thought the Old Testament forebode bacon bites?).
    Photo credit: Broward Palm Beach
  • Old Lady Aliens Steal Jesus 3 of 10
    Old Lady Aliens Steal Jesus
    Somewhere in a parallel universe we will never know, this scene is happening. Old lady aliens greet their true savior, Betty White, and then they all buy a house together in Branson for a reality show on parallel universe VH1.
    Photo credit: Relijornal
  • Savior by Numbers 4 of 10
    Savior by Numbers
    Was the Virgin Mary into belly art? If so, she might have channeled her frustration into a museum-worthy stomach, such as this one.
    Photo credit: All Voices
  • God = Dog 5 of 10
    God = Dog
    Finally, a nativity scene that gets it all right. It's no coincidence that Dog is just God backward, or that a big white horse is watching over the dogs in this scene. This is the universe as it should be.
    Photo credit: Best Week Ever
  • Cafeteria Christ 6 of 10
    Cafeteria Christ
    No, kids, that's not cheese. It's everyone's favorite meat-like product: SPAM. I guess it makes sense that the only way to wash SPAM clean of its sin of existing is to turn it into a nativity scene.
    Photo credit: Dedibox
  • Duck, Duck, Goose 7 of 10
    Duck, Duck, Goose
    At last, a nativity scene fit for the Aflack Duck. The Virgin Mary's plumage has never looked better.
    Photo credit: Frtim
  • Even Robots Need a Savior 8 of 10
    Even Robots Need a Savior
    Just because robots can't cry, love, or feel doesn't mean they don't need saving. Remember this nativity scene the next time you want to yell at the seemingly dead-inside AT&T rep on the other line.
    Photo credit: iGeek Trooper
  • The Birth of the Savior … Sponsored by Coke 9 of 10
    The Birth of the Savior ... Sponsored by Coke
    I think the heavens look down on this nativity scene with smiles of sunshine. New Year's Resolution: Let's turn all the landfills into mini biblical scenes!
    Photo credit: Great Green Goods
  • Have a Bear-y Merry Christmas! 10 of 10
    Have a Bear-y Merry Christmas!
    From bacon to robots to bears, it's clear that all walks of life benefit from a symbol of hope. It's been a grizzly adventure, but in the end, hopefully these nativity scenes have made your holiday a bit more bear-able.
    Photo credit: Frtim

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