10 Pieces of Parenting Advice That No One Wants to Hear

Last week I wrote about the 10 pieces of parenting advice I’m tired of hearing, and it turns out, I am not alone. Based on the comments and emails I’ve gotten since then, it seems that the unsolicited, even rude, parenting advice isn’t just coming my way, but that it might be a bit of an epidemic. So I decided that since I’m not alone in this misery that it might be interesting to see what advice other parents were tired of hearing. I know that since my child is only 8 months old, I’ve only just begun experiencing this delightful phenomenon, and well, now I know what to expect.

I asked other Babble writers what their least favorite piece of parenting advice was, and what follows is a harrowing look into my future, and perhaps a cautionary tale for those of you who like to dish out the unsolicited advice…

  • “Nap when they nap.” 1 of 10
    "Nap when they nap."
    "Hel-lo, reality! There was no laundry fairy to clean all the onesies or a cooking genie to get dinner on the table! That said, I was all for otherwise making life easier. I gladly accepted help from relatives, split night-time shifts with my husband and either delayed or ditched niceties like thank-you cards for gifts."
    — Ellen Seidman, Babble Blogger, Love That Max
  • “Let them cry it out.” 2 of 10
    "Let them cry it out."
    "While this strategy works for many babies, individual temperament matters. I tried everything to soothe my colicky baby, and hearing the advice to just let my son cry himself to sleep smacked of mommy guilt. It took me a long time to realize that I needed to listen to my own instincts."
    — Mary Lauren Weimer, Babble Blogger, Sweet Bitter
  • “Use cloth diapers.” 3 of 10
    "Use cloth diapers."
    "The 'advisor' was a raving lunatic, who preached about how kids potty trained earlier because they could feel their pee, which is absorbed by a normal diaper. Flash forward 5 years and her son, immediately upon sliding down the playground slide, announces he has to pee, whips it out and GOES RIGHT THERE. Slide abandoned for the day..."
    — Elizabeth Beller, Babble Blogger, Mr. Beller's Neighborhood
  • “Quit your job.” 4 of 10
    "Quit your job."
    "When my son was 11 months old, he was sleeping like crap, which meant my husband and I were also sleeping like crap. I went on a parenting message board for advice on sleep training. Some serious attachment parents with bullying tendencies tried to talk me out of sleep training and suggested other options to deal with my fatigue such as quitting my job. Yeah. Because being up all night with a baby is better when you're living in a cardboard box after losing 50% of your household income and being unable to pay for housing."
    — Rebekah Kuschmider, Babble Blogger, Mom-in-a-Million
  • “Your baby needs a haircut.” 5 of 10
    "Your baby needs a haircut."
    "I hate when people try to dictate what my son's appearance should be."
    — Nicole Presley, Babble Blogger, Presley's Pantry
  • “Rub some whiskey on the baby’s gums.” 6 of 10
    "Rub some whiskey on the baby's gums."
    "My mother-in-law told me to rub some whiskey on my infant son's gums when he was teething. I responded, 'Are you kidding? I'm saving the whiskey for myself so I can deal with the crying!' Then I made a mental note to never, ever let my mother-in-law babysit."
    — Dawn Meehan, Babble Blogger, Because I Said So
  • “Sleep while you can.” 7 of 10
    "Sleep while you can."
    "Before I had my first baby every parent smugly told me to 'sleep while you can.' As if. Did they expect me to store up on sleep or something? Collect it in a box in my closet so I could break it out after the kid was born? Shut up already with the sleep while you can business. Everyone who is about to have a baby knows by now that babies are up a lot at night. Yeah, they may not grasp just how horrifying the lack of sleep is but they'll find out soon enough, just like you did, so your little warning is for naught."
    — Monica Bielanko, Babble Blogger, The Girl Who
  • “Lock your child up until they can behave.” 8 of 10
    "Lock your child up until they can behave."
    "Someone actually told me punish my 17-month-old son for throwing a plush toy by locking him in his room until he decided to stop misbehaving and 'act like a member of the family.'"
    — Charlie Capen, Babble Blogger, How To Be A Dad
  • “Use onions to break a fever.” 9 of 10
    "Use onions to break a fever."
    "When my son Jax was two years old, he had a very high fever. I was told to put onions in his socks to get it to break. To this day he refuses to eat onions and it reminds me that I put onions in his socks. Plus it didn't work!"
    — Natalie Klein, Babble Blogger, Hot Mom's Club/Hollywood Hot Moms
  • “It’s freezing; why isn’t Mazzy wearing any mittens?'” 10 of 10
    "It's freezing; why isn't Mazzy wearing any mittens?'"
    "Because I don't care about her. No, because I put them on twenty times and Mazzy pulls them right off."
    — Ilana Wiles, Babble Blogger, Mommy Shorts

What are YOUR least favorite pieces of parenting advice?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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