The 12 Best New Toys for Preschoolers

PicMonkey CollageWith a daughter in preschool, she is coming home everyday telling me the new things that she has learned. Her eagerness to learn new things has peaked her interest in toys that are imaginative and educational. It’s fun for me to watch her learn new things because her excitement over her accomplishments is so pure.

When I attended Toy Fair in New York City last week, I scoped out the latest and greatest toys in both the baby and toddler category. On my last day at the fair I looked for the best that they had to offer in the preschool category. I wanted to find toys that my daughter would love for me to bring home. They needed to be educational, imaginative, and creative.  I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite toys for preschoolers to be on the lookout for this year!

    If your child is begging you to use the real camera to take pictures, now is the time to get them a camera of their very own. The SHOWCAM is a digital camera fit for pre-schoolers that allows them to take pictures then allows them to share their pictures with family and friends right away. Once they flip to the projector mode, all of their photos will project anywhere the camera is pointed. It's such a fun way to get kids interested in photography and letting them show them off instantly!
    Available Fall 2013
  • LEGO Young Builders Suitcase 2 of 12
    LEGO Young Builders Suitcase
    Once your child moves beyond the duplo stage and into the LEGO bricks, this is the perfect starter set for them. If you ever worry about where to store all of the LEGOs once your child is finished playing with them, they have taken care of that for you with this little suitcase complete with all of the LEGOs and step-by-step picture instructions to help them build. It's available in both blue and pink and is great to bring on the go! My daughter is slowly moving out of the duplo stage and this is the perfect set to get her started on LEGO bricks and more!
    Get it from LEGO, $24.99
  • Melissa and Doug Let’s Play House Vacuum Cleaner 3 of 12
    Melissa and Doug Let's Play House Vacuum Cleaner
    My preschooler loves to help me clean up around the apartment. She is really into pretend play and acting like she is an adult with her very own house. She would love to play pretend with this amazing vacuum cleaner from Melissa and Doug. My favorite part about it is tha tit comes with six wooden pieces, such as a pretzel, coin, and a lost diamond ring, that they can vacuum up off of the floor!
    Available Later 2013
  • P’Kolino Cargo Plane Balancer 4 of 12
    P'Kolino Cargo Plane Balancer
    If you have a little one that loves airplanes, this balancer is a great toy for them. Complete with multi-colored wooden blocks, your child can learn about balance and weight by putting the blocks on the wings on the airplane. Put too many on one side and the airplane with topple over. I love the simple design on a toy that all preschoolers love to play with yet it teaches them at the same time!
    Available Later 2013
  • Manhattan Toy Dino Club Croquet Set 5 of 12
    Manhattan Toy Dino Club Croquet Set
    This classic game has gotten a prehistoric twist. Let your preschooler play croquet inside or outside with this wooden set full of dinosaurs. The self-standing dinos are the perfect tool to help teach your child hand-eye coordination while having fun. Another fun thing about this set is that you can use the dinosaurs as decor in your child's room while they aren't playing with the set! Love toys that serve multiple purposes!
    Get it from Manhattan Toy, $30.00
  • NPW Finger Printing Art Set 6 of 12
    NPW Finger Printing Art Set
    Let your child's imagination run wild with this cute finger printing set from NPW. They will be able to turn their finger prints into fun animals such as lions, giraffes, and monkeys. The stamps and colored pencils will help them complete their masterpiece. Preschoolers are always up for a great art project and this is a fun and creative one that they will love to create!
    Get it from Amazon, $10.01
  • ECR4Kids Super 4-In-Line Oversized Game 7 of 12
    ECR4Kids Super 4-In-Line Oversized Game
    My oldest daughter has a sudden love of games. We spend our Friday night's playing games that she loves and can understand. When I saw this oversized connect four game, I knew that not only would she love to play it, but it would be great for the entire family. This game help teaches them strategy and is great for them to play with their friends.
    Get it from Amazon, $183.18
  • Play-Doh Frosting Fun Bakery Play Set 8 of 12
    Play-Doh Frosting Fun Bakery Play Set
    If you have a budding pastry chef in your family, let them practice making sweet goodies with this great play set from Play-Doh. I had a chance to make my very own mini cupcake and frost it with this set and had the best time. The mini cupcake looked so realistic and delicious that I could have eaten it! You can make your very own decorations to go on top of the goodies and it even includes a cake stand to show off their creations!
    Available Spring 2013
  • B. Toys Symphony in B. 9 of 12
    B. Toys Symphony in B.
    I love toys that can grow with your child and with the 3-13 year old recommended age for this Symphony in B, it's a great toy for your little music lover. They can be their own conductor as they choose up to 6 instruments to put in the orchestra pit to hear them play a song. As they add and take away instruments you will hear how the song changes with those instruments. I had a chance to play with the variety of instruments included and loved hearing how the song sounded each time I added something. This is a great toy for your preschooler that always has music on the brain!
    Get it from Target, $39.99
  • Melissa and Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse 10 of 12
    Melissa and Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse
    This is the ultimate dollhouse for your child. It puts a modern spin on the classic dollhouse. With an elevator, a garage door that opens and closes, and the gender neutral colors, this dollhouse is great for everyone. I loved the open front that allows you to see and play with the entire house. With six rooms and a garage, your child will love to play pretend play with this dollhouse!
    Available Later 2013
  • LEGO Track System Train 11 of 12
    LEGO Track System Train
    LEGOs are always so much fun to build for kids of all ages, but letting them build their very own moveable train is even more fun. With this set your child can build the train out of LEGO duplos and then build the track for the train to move around! They can even build the train station for the little LEGO people to wait for the train to pick them up. As a mother of a little girl who absolutely loves both LEGOs and trains, I know this set would be perfect for her. She would get the thrill and excitement of building her own train while watching it move along the tracks.
    Available August 2013
  • FurReal Friends Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey Pet 12 of 12
    FurReal Friends Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey Pet
    The FurReal Friends have been a hit in our house for the past couple of years. My daughter loved both of the cute dogs that she was able to walk and love on. She pretended like they were her very own dogs and played with them all of the time. This year they have added the adorable monkey to the line. Cuddles engages with you, with turn her head to you when you speak to her, and you can even rock her to sleep. She has so many different responses that your child will never get bored when playing with her. If you have a little one that is begging for their own pet, they won't be disappointed with Cuddles!
    Available Fall 2013


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