The 8 Most Annoying Toys of 2013 … That Your Kids Will Love

PicMonkey CollageMost of my time visiting Toy Fair in New York City was pleasant because I got to scout out the latest and greatest toys for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. But while I was there I saw (and heard) my fair share of toys that weren’t exactly appealing to me as a parent.

I’ve rounded up some that really drove me nuts — although my children would probably think otherwise!

  • Talking Ben 1 of 8
    Talking Ben
    My toddler has this app on our iPad, and she would probably love that Ben is now available as a life-size doll. Talking Ben does everything that he does in the app — like repeat everything your child says. The only thing that might sway me against letting my daughter have him? The 16 sounds that he makes, including a burp. Sure, Ben's cute, but we don't want any burping toys in our house!
    Get it from Talking Friends, $29.99
  • Zip-Itz 2 of 8
    The bright colors of this doll might make it something my daughter would pick out from store shelves. But with its creepy-looking zipper mouth, each doll has a hidden compartment for your child to stash "top-secret" stuff. Although the doll doesn't talk or make any sounds, I find it rather annoying that it lets children hide something in a secret pocket. No secret-keeping for my girls!
    Get it from Pladin, $16.99
  • Annoying Orange 3 of 8
    Annoying Orange
    The "Annoying Orange" series got its start on YouTube before making it big on Cartoon Network — and now it comes in popular plush toys. These annoying fruits were popular this year at Toy Fair, and I don't understand why. Any toy that allows your child to press it repeatedly (which most children love to do) to hear annoying phrases won't been seen in my house. At least it lives up to its name.
    Get it from Toys R Us, $7.99
  • Furby Party Rockers 4 of 8
    Furby Party Rockers
    Furby has had a long reputation of being annoying. My daughter wanted this cute and cuddly toy, and I had to happily tell her, no thank you. The Party Rockers let you rock them back and forth. The more you rock them, the crazier they get. And of course they react by just how well they are treated. Furby looks cute when you bring him out of the box, but I'd hate to see his reaction if my daughter forgot to hug him goodnight!
    Get it from Hasbro, $22.99
  • Hog Wild Eye Popper 5 of 8
    Hog Wild Eye Popper
    What is it with kids and their love for launching flying objects to hit you? They might think it's all fun and games, but when you are the one being hit, it's rather unpleasant. Add a funky-looking monster with one eye that pops out to hit you, and it's both creepy and annoying. But this is coming from a mom of two little girls, so who am I to judge?
    Get it from Hog Wild Toys, $10.95
  • Charm Company Talking Rocking Horse 6 of 8
    Charm Company Talking Rocking Horse
    Both of my girls have loved rocking horses. They are such a fun and classic toy that any child would have fun with. I thought these rocking horses were so cute — until I realized they were animated. It's almost like bringing those quarter riding machines outside large stores into your home for your kids to ride whenever they want. No thank you, I'll save that for special occasions.
    Get it from Charm Company, $110.00
  • Ubooly 7 of 8
    I think this toy might be a brother of the Furby. It looks similar to Furby and acts similar to Furby, but the Ubooly uses your iPhone or iPod Touch to talk to you. Slip your device into the pocket of the orange plush, and your Ubooly comes to life. My kids would love it because it can tell them stories and bring them on adventures. But if you buy this for your child, don't expect to get your iPhone back ever again. Or expect to have it returned to you with a dead battery.
    Get it from Ubooly, $29.95
  • Teeboo USA BB Kidoo Pets Kitten 8 of 8
    Teeboo USA BB Kidoo Pets Kitten
    My daughter is constantly asking for a cat. She would love this pretend cat to take care of, but with the squeals it makes when you pull its tail and ears, I don't think I could listen to it for very long. And if your child is anything like my daughter, once she realizes that it makes a fun noise when she yanks the tail or ears, that is all she is going to do with the toy. My ears are hurting just thinking about it.
    Get it from Target, $24.99


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