The Anti-Pink Mom

OK. I'll admit that a flannel shirt and jeans might be a teensy bit too "boyish" for a little girl, but I still like it.

When I found out that my husband and I were having a little girl I was the teensiest bit disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong. I love having a little girl and I can’t wait for all of the mother-daughter fun we’ll get to have in the years to come, but I was a little disappointed about the onslaught of pink and frills that was about to come our way.

You see…I’m not really a pink girl. Actually, I kind of sort of hate pink. I blame my years as a preschool teacher when I was inundated with hoards of little girls in sparkles and pink and butterflies and princesses, or maybe it was the fact that I O.D.’d on the color back when I was preschooler myself who lived in sparkly, pink-fringe cowboy boots. Either way I’m not a fan.

But, it wasn’t until I found myself pregnant with a little girl that I actually realized how hard it is to avoid the color (read: practically impossible). Because of my pink avoidance, Fern inevitably is assumed by strangers to be a boy…often.

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I understand that babies look pretty gender neutral on their own and people look for pink florals or plaids and race cars to help distinguish their sex, but really why can’t little girls wear more blue? I wear blue jeans and plaid shirts sometimes, so why can’t Fern? Today I dressed Fern in jeans and a little flannel and thought she looked cute and cozy, but my husband’s response was to ask why I’d dressed our daughter like a male lumberjack. I’ll admit, in that outfit I was kind of “asking for it”, but in general I usually dress her in greys, whites and blacks and people always assume she’s a little boy.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Once Fern can dress herself, she’s welcome to pile on the pink sparkles, but until then I plan to stick with the gender neutral route. Who knows, maybe it’ll pay off and baby #2 will end up being a boy who can wear Fern’s hand-me-downs!

How do you dress your baby boy or girl?

Do you stick with gender specific clothing so people will be able to tell your baby’s sex, or do you just dress your baby in whatever you feel like?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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