The Baby Blanket I Can't Live Without

aden + anais jungle jam swaddle 2 pack

When we were in the hospital, one of our nurses (one that we really liked) told us she wasn’t a big fan of swaddling babies. At the time, everything she said made sense and we didn’t do much swaddling when we came home. If we did swaddle him we didn’t wrap his arms.

Tate was not sleeping well. He has a pretty strong startle reflex and was constantly waking himself up with involuntary movements.

After I posted about our sleep problems, a few of you commented that we should make sure to swaddle him. This is where my favorite baby blanket comes in.

A friend of mine gave me an Aden + Anais muslin swaddling wrap before I had Tate. At the time, I had never heard of these blankets, but have completely fallen for them.

There are a few reasons why I like these particular swaddlers.

1. They are super light weight

I don’t have to feel guilty about Tate overheating in the summer because the lightweight muslin allows air to circulate around his body, while still providing comfort and warmth.

2. Not Restrictive

Using the muslin blanket on the bias makes the fabric stretchy, and ideal for swaddling. The natural give allows the blanket to be tucked snuggly around a baby without being overly restrictive.

3. Multipurpose

They are large enough to be truly useful. You can use it as a stroller cover, nursing shield, tummy time blanket, or a burp cloth.

4. Helps Babies Sleep More Deeply

In 2002, the medical journal Pediatrics published a study that explained why babies who are swaddled sleep more peacefully by preventing spontaneous movements (called reflex motion) from waking them up continually during the night. The same year, the Journal of Applied Physiology wrote that swaddled infants stay in REM sleep (the most restorative, deepest sleep) longer than those who were not. (source)

You can buy your own here. They sell packs of 4 for $49.95, and 2 packs for $32.00.

Do any of you have one of these swaddlers? Do you have another baby blanket you love? I would love to hear about it.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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