The Beaba Bib'expresso. Almost awesome.

I’ve established that a bottle feeding life is not the easiest life to live. There are dozens of products that attempt to make bottle feeding easier and one of the most elaborate products I’ve come across is the Beaba Bib’expresso, a sort of baby coffeemaker, only instead of coffee it makes lukewarm baby lattes in the bottle of your choosing.

The Bib’expresso claims to prepare, heat, sterilize and store bottles. It prepares them by heating the water in the upper chamber and then streams water into a waiting bottle below with only one finger. It heats bottles of formula, breastmilk and jars of baby food by detaching to top chamber, and creating a water bath with water warmed to a higher temperature than what is used for bottle preparation. The Bib’expresso doesn’t actually sterilize anything on its own, but it does have a detachable case on the back that can sterilize up to three bottles in the microwave (assuming you use a brand of bottle that fits in the case, which I don’t.) The same bottles can be stored in the case until ready to use (which seems like a pain since they are used so often.)

That being said, we do like it. And we do use it quite a bit. It warms water to a perfect just slightly higher than room temperature warmth (I say perfect because remember that time I spilled a fresh ounce of breastmilk on my leg? It was the same temperature as the water that comes from the Bib’expresso.) without the worry of hot spots or too hot tap water. (We use filtered water from our fridge that comes out cold and the Bib’expresso warms it in well under a minute.) If your baby happens to sleep in a room far away from a kitchen or bathroom the Bib’expresso can make a perfect bottle in a bedroom (just fill it with the appropriate amount of water beforehand or have a bottle/cup of water ready to pour in.) With a price tag over $100 it is certainly a luxury item that most people can do without. But if you are an exclusive bottle feeder it’s a mighty handy tool to have in your arsenal, even if you do only use it for bottle preparation.

The Bib’Expresso can be purchased from Amazon, Pampered Tot and Beabausa.com.

Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary Bib’expresso for my own personal use, but all opinions are honest and my own.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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