The Benefits Of Living Near The Beach

Beach BabyWe’ve lived in this beautiful small town for going on nearly 3 years now. Steps away from the beach. Many beaches in fact.

Which is why so many memories, so many 1st’s for our littles have happened at the beach.

The mister and I are lovers of nature and the water is my sane, happy place. I’ve heard stories from other parents wherein they consider a day at the beach a huge under-taking. The thought never crossed my mind. (Okay well maybe once or twice, but not that often).

I suppose we are lucky. We can slather our babes in some SPF 30, grab their swim-suits, dipes and drinking water and toss some towels in the bottom of the stoller, (or in the wagon or in the back of the bike chariot) – and be off. 5 minute walk away.

We go on weeknights for a quick romp and dip and make all-day affairs out of it many a weekend. That’s when more organization and packing comes in, but I really don’t find it to be that big of a deal. Inaccessibility must be the big reason as to why others deem beach trips such a chore. I couldn’t imagine our summers without all of the beach hops we take.

I’m in a reminiscing sort of mood today, given that this will be my last one here at BFY. So I’ve gathered up all of the sweetest (I may be partial, but I bet you’ll agree), shots of both of my babies at the beach. Behold! The cute!

  • Beach Yoga 1 of 25
    Beach Yoga
    Is all about the downward dog.
  • Glee 2 of 25
    The beach isn't just for the summer.
  • The Beach Bunny 3 of 25
    The Beach Bunny
    A rare and highly sought after species.
  • By The Seashore 4 of 25
    By The Seashore
    Rocks and shells, it's all good. Beware the nasty cigarette butts.
  • The Finer Things In Life 5 of 25
    The Finer Things In Life
    The beach is a fantastic place for babies to play and discover different textures.
  • Sand Play 6 of 25
    Sand Play
    Hours upon hours of it. Never gets old.
  • Examination… 7 of 25
    Of all the things.
  • Family Shot 8 of 25
    Family Shot
    This, taken when I was 8 months pregnant with Abigail. Ah, memories.
  • Boys Club 9 of 25
    Boys Club
    No joiners, no quitters.
  • Splish Splash 10 of 25
    Splish Splash
    Tell me. If you go to the beach multiple times a week, that means you can drop the baths, right?
  • Giving Me What For 11 of 25
    Giving Me What For
    About what, I'm not sure.
  • Beach Ball Love 12 of 25
    Beach Ball Love
    She who covets the ball.
  • 1st Dip 13 of 25
    1st Dip
    This was my Wyndham's 1st time in the water.
  • Big Love 14 of 25
    Big Love
    Me and my boy, with Abby on the inside at 7 months.
  • I Die 15 of 25
    I Die
    From the cute of this picture.
  • Cute Baby Bum Ahoy! 16 of 25
    Cute Baby Bum Ahoy!
    You know there had to be at least one in the bunch.
  • Discovery 17 of 25
    Of little hands, feet and mouth.
  • Oh, My Heart 18 of 25
    Oh, My Heart
    The drooly beach baby is a fine specimen to behold indeed.
  • Making Bubbles 19 of 25
    Making Bubbles
    Spit bubbles. Fun, wow, wheeee!
  • Jibber Jabber 20 of 25
    Jibber Jabber
    That's what he was doing here. Talking away to us...not understandable in the least, but it was clear that he was impressed with this beach business.
  • Skipping Rocks 21 of 25
    Skipping Rocks
    Or at least trying and learning at it. See also: taking over the world.
  • Uhm, S’cuse Me… 22 of 25
    Uhm, S'cuse Me...
    Mind if I go for a surf on your board? Also, you are pretty cute, so I shall flirt with you.
  • Questionable 23 of 25
    He knows me so well.
  • Boat Rides 24 of 25
    Boat Rides
    You just laughed out loud, no?
  • Spring Fever 25 of 25
    Spring Fever
    Barely able to resist the call of the water, even when it's too cold to go in. Side-tracked by sticks.

This post was inspired by a slider one of my colleagues did over at Disney Baby, who apparently loves him some beach too. Plus, he has triplets (on top of 2 others) – so there’s that. Way. Too. Adorable.


Selena is a crafty, culinary mom. Creative Director. Social Media & Branding Consultant. Regular writer on Disney Baby. Part-time big-mouth & frequent foot-eater. Proud of her Anishinaabe roots.

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