The Best $15 Dollars I Ever Spent.

Infantino Swift Carrier

Besides the crib and the car seat there aren’t too many baby specific things I want or need. I just don’t get into the baby gadgety stuff. Plus, most of it is crazy and INSANELY expensive.

Case in point, the Nap Nanny.

I saw this thing at Babies ‘R Us a few weeks ago. It caught my attention because Little Bean was having problems spitting up in the middle of the night.

I thought maybe keeping him slightly upright would help.

Then I saw the price tag.

$139 for what? Seriously?

It’s just a formed pillow with a cover, no?

The Nap Nanny

I don’t mean to insult anyone who has one. I’m sure it’s great and comfy for the baby but the price tag is a little too steep for me. Especially since it doesn’t do anything that different than a bouncer I can get for 30 bucks or better yet a Boppy that has more than one purpose.

But I digress. What I really wanted to talk about today was baby carriers. I was using a wrap when Bean was really tiny but now that he’s stretching out a bit and gaining weight, I prefer a backpack style carrier. I didn’t have a lot of time to research so I ran to WalMart. They only had one option, the Infantino Swift Carrier.

It was $15.

I decided.. why not?

Honestly, it was the best $15 I spent on anything for the baby yet. I’ve worn it almost daily since purchasing it. It’s easy to get on, easy to get the baby in and easy on my back. There’s even this simple way to adjust it’s position by reaching behind you and tugging on a small string in the back.

Considering carriers can be over $100 I thought I’d share this one. It’s affordable, functional and, in my opinion, perfect.

Little Bean and I getting ready for a walk.

Oh! and Little Bean seems to like it too. Just look at him up there! 🙂

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