The Best Pictures From Elijah’s Fifth Month

Sigh. No matter how much I try to convince time to slow down, my baby just keeps getting older. And there’s something about this month, about Eli being five months old that makes him sound positively non-tiny now. I realize he hasn’t been a newborn for some time now, but now he seems so very grown up. Add to that his newfound motor skills including rolling both ways and pivoting while on his tummy and I swear he’s half ready for college.

Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration.

All craziness aside, it is my humble opinion that he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I am completely non-biased so you can trust me. Or you can look for yourself. Be forewarned, he has the best ears in the world.

  • Happy guy 1 of 11
    Happy guy
    Also, the headrest on his swing does not quite accommodate his ears.
  • Because he’s a real man 2 of 11
    Because he's a real man
    In his (not yet born) cousin's bouncy seat!
  • Almost rolling 3 of 11
    Almost rolling
    On September 30th he finally finished the roll!
  • Big boy! 4 of 11
    Big boy!
    In his big boy hat and big boy stroller. Notably, he fussed until I took the hat off about 2 minutes after I took this and had a rash for the rest of the day from wearing it. So yea.
  • With dad! 5 of 11
    With dad!
    I came down the shower to this scene. My baby is a total morning person.
  • Trying out Honest Diapers 6 of 11
    Trying out Honest Diapers
    Skull and crossbones. Because my baby is kind of a badass.
  • Morning face 7 of 11
    Morning face
    He was just so cute and fuzzy in the morning. And he looks so much like my sister here it's almost alarming.
  • Sleepy hands 8 of 11
    Sleepy hands
    Is this not how you sleep?
  • Say what? 9 of 11
    Say what?
    Holding to grandma's bracelet and listening quite intently.
  • Sleepy guy 10 of 11
    Sleepy guy
    He just looks SO very grown up here, I can hardly handle it. Where is my baby going?
  • Cotton mouth 11 of 11
    Cotton mouth
    Why won't anyone give this poor child some real toys?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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