The Bjorn: Forward Facing & Loving It


A while back I wrote about things I could get accomplished wearing Abigail in the Moby, my wrap of choice.

Well, those days are gone.

While the colic may be making its exit (however I shouldn’t be making any oaths to that fact, as today was a bit of a flashback — must be something I ate), Abby is getting increasingly picky and choosy.

As in no swing, no bouncy chair, no Moby shall come between Mommy and Daddy’s arms. All the time. Every waking second it would seem. Heck, even when she’s sleeping…we jump hurdles getting her down on her own.

Our lad was a Moby lover for well on into his 1st year, as well as our others. Not Abby. She’s all about the Bjorn, and the Bjorn only. And now that she’s holding her head up on her own, she’s digging on facing out, obviously. There’s crazy stuff everywhere to check out! Perhaps it’s just a phase (her strict preference) — which is highly likely, given the frequency with which she tosses us curve balls.

Which is fine in the baby-wearing department, because I have a penchant for all things baby-wearing. Almost like shoes. Don’t ask me why, it just is. So I have a couple of slings and an Ergo and an organic Baby Trekker.

All collected over the past three years. I’ve been told to stop. (Buying them). Phht! As if he can make me stop! (The mister). It would be like trying to tell me that a person needs only a few pairs of shoes. Three max. Absolutely hilarious.

As for the Moby hate? I say, bring on the mind changing, little missy! I’ll be snuggling and dancing the colic out of you yet! Mama’s got reserves yo!

What sling, wrap or carrier does your babe prefer? Do you have an addiction to collecting them like me? C’mon, fess up — I know you are out there. Then I can show the mister your responses and say, ‘See? I’m not an alien!’ Well sort of.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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