The Diaper Changing Lapneck Trick

Paul recently started solid foods, and as his digestive system catches up with his appetite, we’ve been experiencing more diapers of the “blow out” variety than I care to admit.

So, to make nasty diaper changes easier on me,  he’s been living in lapneck onesies every single day.

You do know the lapneck onesie trick, don’t you?

When it comes to changing a serious blowout, the lapneck trick is the only way to go.

A few months ago, when I found out about the miracle of the lapneck, I immediately shared it with you. But given that Huggies wants us to talk about everyday diaper challenges, I think it’s worth a quick revisit.

So, here’s the deal on lapnecks. Sure, they are totally adorable. But do you know what their real diaper changing purpose is?

The purpose is so you can stretch the neck down the body, not up and over the babies head, when serious poop accidents happen. Because I know you’ve done it too, pulled a blow-out poop covered shirt over your baby’s head, risking potentially getting poop on his head.

But now that you know the lapneck trick, never again will a onesie have to be pulled up and over.

Always remember, if it’s brown, pull it down!

Truth: It Ain't Gonna Change Itself

Like this lapneck tee states: It ain’t gonna change itself.

Tell me, did you already know about this trick?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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