The Five Month Update

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Such a happy and joyful baby!

Cullen is five months old now!  We really watched him transform this month.  He doesn’t seem like a helpless little baby anymore, but more of a real member of our family one with his own personality, own voice, and his own little world.

Now that he’s five months old, I don’t find him to be mysterious or confusing anymore.  I have so much more confidence that I can meet his needs and read his signals, and I don’t ever worry about doing things with him or taking him places like I used to.  I know no matter where we are, I can figure out what he needs and make sure he’s happy.

It is so fun to watch him explore the world.  His newest skill is opening and closing his hands over and over again, and rubbing them against carpet, fabric, skin anything he can touch.  If he can reach it, he will grab it, and everything ultimately ends up in his mouth.

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I kiss his fat little cheeks no less than 1,000 times each day.


He has a pretty consistent bedtime these days usually around 6:30pm.  He sleeps from then until sometime between 1 and 3 (it varies), and he goes back to sleep after I feed and soothe him.  His next wake-up tends to be between 5-6am, which is tough after being up just a few hours before.  It’s hard to get him to go back to sleep at this point, so I usually end up bringing him into bed with me for some extra snuggle time.

Naps are battles, and he is not good about going to sleep on his own.  I have to rock him to sleep for almost all of his naps, which is a habit I know I need to break, but is also one that doesn’t always feel worth fighting.  His naps are never more than 30 minutes at a time, and I often find I spend an hour trying to get him to sleep for 30 minutes.  He takes three naps total each day, so those 90 minutes are critical in order me to get anything done.


We haven’t started solids yet, but I think about it more and more.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to start with pureed foods or take more of a baby-led weaning approach.  I need to learn more about both sooner than later!  I also need to get some sort of high chair or seat attachment for our chairs before we can get started.

Breastfeeding is still going well, although he tends to fuss a lot while he’s feeding these days.  I don’t know if he’s not getting enough to eat, or if he’s just being fussy it’s hard to tell.  He has gained plenty of weight though, so I’m not too worried.

He is distracted by even the slightest noises and sounds now, and I have to find quiet spots to feed him in order to do it successfully.  Even just one of the dogs being in the room with a clinky collar has him whipping his head around to see what’s happening.

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One of the great improvements this month has been Cullen’s ability to play independently.  He’s so into reaching and grabbing things, that I can put him down and he will play for sometimes 30 minutes long enough to eat, shower, or answer a few emails.

I’ve also hung some toys in his crib that he loves, and now when he wakes up, he stays in his crib for an extra while to play, while I continue to get things done until he lets me know he’s had enough.

Even though he’s just reaching five months, I really think crawling is just around the corner.  He scoots across the floor now, tucking his knees under and pulling himself forward with his arms.

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While I’m very excited for him to crawl, I’m also savoring the last few days and weeks of being able to put him in one spot and know he will stay in that same general area.

Five Month Rundown:

  • Highchair:  Still need one (or other seat).  Any suggestions?
  • Solid Food:  Soon.  Any day now.
  • Stroller:  Love it!  We are running together now!
  • Car Seat:  Getting better.
  • Jumperoo:  Loves it for 15 minutes at a time.
  • Bottles:  Took ONE.  Hoping I can get him to do it again.
  • Teeth:  TWO both bottom teeth are in!
  • Hair:  Getting long!  And finally filling in on top hallelujah!
  • Weight:  16lbs 2oz at the last appointment, so probably close to 16.5 now!
  • Likes: Chewing, laughing at dogs, when dad comes home from work, soft blanket-dolls to sleep with.
  • Dislikes: Getting out of the bathtub, having his diaper changed, napping, wearing hats.

Thank you Cullen for five months of laughs, snuggles, and more fun than I ever could have imagined.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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