The Hard Thing About Hand-Me-Down Clothes

Three years ago when I gave birth to my son, a very generous friend gave me a few bins of boy clothes her kids had outgrown that I could now use.

The clothes were given to me under the assumption that she didn’t want them back, and when I was done with them, just to box them up for donation.

My son wore them, and I kept the clothes because I didn’t know if I was done having kids yet. Good thing I kept them, because now Paul is in need of a fall wardrobe.

This weekend I pulled out the bin of size 12 month boy cloths, prepping Paul’s wardrobe for cooler weather ahead. And while I’m forever grateful to have the bin, I have a dirty little secret to admit:

I really hate all the clothes, and I cringe thinking about dressing Paul in these hand-me-down.

But the thing is, I feel he has to wear these clothes, because I know it’s wasteful to buy new, when you already have something that works, even if it is totally worn out and ugly.

You see, these clothes are old. Gage is almost 3, and they were handed down from a family that also had two boys, the oldest of which is 8 years old. Even my friend admitted that “oh, most of these clothes were given to me by my sister-in-law a few years back”. This mean, baby Paul would be the at least the 4th kid to wear these clothes.

And while I’m grateful for the free hand-me-downs, the styles are just not my taste at all. For instance, the tops have logos and graphics I would never dress my kids in.

So what’s a girl to do? Buy new clothes for Paul just because I don’t like the unfashionable choices we already own? Or get off my high horse, be thankful for what’s been given to me, and dress Paul is the freebies.

I think I know what the right answer is, sigh.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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