The Importance of Mommy Friends

Mommy friends are important in raising our babies!
Mommy friends are important in raising our babies.

Have you ever had one of those days? Don’t lie.

You know the day I’m talking about.

Baby’s diaper explodes, while out in public (of course)
Kid writes all over the walls
You start your period
Dinner is burning, but baby must be fed
Husband calls and said he is working late

Yes — one of THOSE days.

A day like THAT day requires a good friend. A Mommy Friend .

Who is a Mommy Friend?

A Mommy Friend is a friend who also has kids. She’s been there, done that, or is going through this baby chapter of her life with you.

A Mommy Friend doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and helping you with an exploded diaper. She will offer her words of wisdom for removing writing on your walls (2 words: magic eraser). And, when in need of a tampon, she has your back.

A good Mommy Friend is therapeutic. A therapist will tell you, you aren’t alone. A therapist will give you advice on what to do. A therapist will tell you how it is. Those are all qualities and perks to having a good Mommy Friend. Your need these people.

It’s these types of friends who GET IT. These types of friends make motherhood easier.

Where to Find Mommy Friends?

For some of you, this may sound silly. Where do I find friends? Really?  But truth be told, making friends when older isn’t as easy and natural as it was while you were in school.

Some of my best Mommy Friends I’ve made through a mom’s group. Yes, it’s awkward first attending (especially if you are going by yourself). You may not agree with everything you hear, but these are real women going through this same thing with children your age. Meetup offers several mommy groups as well that you can search for by area.

If you aren’t comfortable attending a mom’s group, consider joining an online community for moms.

How to Be a Good Mommy Friend

Being a good Mommy Friend is just as important as having a good Mommy Friend. Here are a few qualities to strive for and that you should look for as well:

  • Listen. (Read my friend’s advice on being a good listener.)
  • LAUGH. You have to be able to laugh at motherhood.
  • Be slow to judge.
  • Offer words of wisdom, when appropriate.
  • Help a sister out. Offer to watch her kid so she can have a break. Bring dinner or dessert to her on a bad day.
  • Encourage her.
  • Don’t compare! Motherhood is NOT a competition.
  • Keep in touch. Life gets busy, just drop an email or Facebook message — communication gaps can dampen a friendship.

Motherhood Isn’t Easy!

As the African proverb says: It takes a village to raise a child.  Utilize your Mommy Friends and be a good Mommy Friend to help raise your baby and survive this chapter.

Stay tuned, next I’ll talk about the importance of Non-Mommy Friends.

Tell us about your Mommy Friends!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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