The Insider's Guide to Baby Poop

Poop happens. Specifically, baby poop happens.

Every parent has war stories about diaper adventures and misadventures. Tales of poop on clothing, poop in car seats, poop on in-laws who totally deserved it. There are poops that go unnoticed for hours and poops that are audible across a crowded room. Poops that smell of buttered popcorn and poops that are gag-worthy. Yellow poop, green poop, brown poop and all the poops colors in between. Baby poop is a fact of life.

Here are a few of the poop scenarios I’ve experienced in my years as a mom:

  • Blowout 1 of 7
    When poop attacks!
  • Installment Plan 2 of 7
    Installment Plan
    When pooping once isn't enough.
  • Double Butt Fake 3 of 7
    Double Butt Fake
    A poop "gotcha" moment.
  • Fecally Conservative 4 of 7
    Fecally Conservative
    Be patient - the poop is coming.
  • Projectile 5 of 7
    How far can poop fly?
  • Ninja Poop 6 of 7
    Ninja Poop
    Silent but deadly.
  • In’n’Out 7 of 7
    One stop shopping for food and poop.

What kinds of poop have you experienced?

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