The Joys of Diaper Changing Boys

baby boys and changing their diapersThe last 3 of our babies have all been boys and each has well, been a huge challenge when it came to diaper changing. For some reason my first, a girl – changing her diaper was never anything but just that. Oh the joys of diaper changing boys.

With our last baby Zeke, I spent the first month being peed on daily. Why is it that as soon as their newborn penis hits the air it feels the need to urinate? And why is it that urine no matter how you try to dodge always seems to be aimed your direction?

The photo to your left is my attempt at taking a photo of Zeke  when he was 2 weeks old without a diaper. See what happens. Yes, that’s pee!

After I slowly recovered from sleep depravation – I woke up enough to conquer this being peed on issue. The solution: I used 2 diapers. 1 diaper covering his business and then slide another diaper underneath him. This whole try to pee on mommy thing lasted until Zeke was about 3 months old. So new moms of boys, there is hope!

Now that Zeke is older, his new thing while trying to change his diaper is well – to do anything BUT get his diaper changed. He kicks, rolls and grabs anything around him. All in the name of being naked and not wearing a diaper. Sorry dude, that’s not going to happen. Last time I let you go free willy after a bath for 5 minutes, I had the carpet cleaner out to soak up pee. It’s just lovely. I never experienced such wiggling from my daughter! What is it with boys?

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Moms of Boys: What Diaper Challenges Do You Experience With Your Baby?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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