The "Middle of the Night" Note to my Big Kids

When I was pregnant with my third baby, my greatest source of anxiety was that I would go into labor in the middle of the night, and not be able to reach anyone to come over to watch the girls so we could head to the hospital. And since my due date was very close to the Thanksgiving holiday, I worried all my “go-to” friends would be out of town.

And I would end up having an unplanned home birth. Because that kind of thing happens all the time, right?

Everybody told me I’d have plenty of time to labor at home, and that calling someone in the middle of the night more than likely wouldn’t happen.

But of course it happened. My water broke at 2 am, and contractions immediately started fast and furiously.

Thankfully, a friend was indeed able to drag herself out of bed and come to the house. I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to the girls sleeping upstairs, so instead I wrote them a note and left it on the island in the kitchen for them to find in the morning.

That note has been on my refrigerator now for almost 3 years. It’s probably time to take it down, but I just can’t part with it.

I read it all the time:

Only a few hours later, that “new baby”, who we didn’t know whether was a boy or a girl, would turn into a beautiful 8 pound 15 ounce baby brother named Gage. This note brings me back to that exact moment in time, a beautiful time in my life I never want to forget.

I realize the note can’t stay on the fridge forever, so I’m thinking of getting it framed or something, maybe hanging it in the nursery or in my master bedroom.

It’s a very special note, and it needs a special place to hang.

Did you write your big kids a similar note? Do you still have it?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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