The Myth Of Doing It All

I am incredibly fortunate to hang with some of the smartest, funniest women on the internet. We have our own little geek squad and cheer each other on in emails and on our blogs. One of those incredible women is Amy of the blog Pregnant Chicken. Amy is sensational on all counts: she’s a mom, a writer, a graphic designer, and just about the funniest person I’ve ever met.

In addition to her hilarity, Amy is a source of incredible wisdom. She demonstrated this to the whole world recently in a post she wrote called “Why You’re Never Failing As A Mother”. Here’s a taste of the from-the-heart advice she shares with moms:

You are in the trenches when you have a baby. To the untrained eye it seems pretty straightforward and easy you feed them, you bathe them, you pick them up when they cry but it’s more than that. It’s perpetual motion with a generous layer of guilt and self-doubt spread on top, and that takes its toll.

Feeling like you also need to keep on top of scrapbooking, weight loss, up-cycled onesies, handprints, crock pot meals, car seat recalls, sleeping patterns, poo consistency, pro-biotic supplements, swimming lessons, electromagnetic fields in your home and television exposure, is like trying to knit on a rollercoaster it’s f*cking hard.

Hard. Yes. Hard trying to parent in our simultaneously hyper-connected and tremendously isolated world. Hard to be a mother in the age of Pinterest. Hard to be a mother when your own mother might live across the continent, when you closest friend is an image on Skype, not a presence in your home. It’s hard when we think we need to do it all and do it all with aplomb.

In the words of someone really smart, I say f*ck that noise. Listen, we can’t do it all. We can’t even do half of it. And we certainly can’t make it all blog-worthy or Pinnable. I, for one, don’t even try. I’m living the dream of doing what matters most to me and not sweating the bits that fall through the cracks. Want to know how I roll? Click on to see!

  • I Don’t…Clean 1 of 10
    I Don't...Clean
    Of course, I do clean. I mean, my house is vacuumed and dusted and stuff is put away. But for deep scrubbing? I bring in professionals. I finding deals for cleaning on Groupon and snap them up then bring in a  crew to handle the heavy lifting.
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  • I Do…Take Lots of (Lousy) Pictures 2 of 10
    I Do...Take Lots of (Lousy) Pictures
    I'm always whipping out my phone to snap pictures of my baby being cute or my son displaying his latest Lego creation. Annie Lebowitz would scoff at the quality but my kids will have hundreds of shots of their lives to look back on.
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  • I Don’t…Bake 3 of 10
    I Don't...Bake
    Generally, the only cookies in my house come from Trader Joe's. I can whip up a batch from a mix for holidays or special occasions but, for the most part, I don't stir up sweet concoctions. I do like baked goods though, so if you want to bring some over...
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  • I Do…Make Baby Fod 4 of 10
    I Do...Make Baby Fod
    As little as I like baking, I do like tossing some fruit in the food processor and freezing it so my baby always has her favorites on hand.
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  • I Don’t…Craft 5 of 10
    I Don't...Craft
    No sewing. No knitting. No scrapbooking. No homemade anything. I'd rather spend my free time chatting with other moms on the playground or taking my kids to open gym or reading a book.
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  • I Do…Read To My Kids 6 of 10
    I Do...Read To My Kids
    Books are a daily part of life for both my kids. Sure, the baby is always trying to grab books and stuff them in her mouth but even that gentle tug of war is a fun bonding activity for us to share.
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  • I Don’t…Work OUt 7 of 10
    I Don't...Work OUt
    I don't own a yoga mat. I don't really know what pilates is. Cross Fit frightens me. I eat smart (most of the time) and I get outside with my kids. It works for me.
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  • I Do…Get Out And About 8 of 10
    I Do...Get Out And About
    I may not be the mom who's perfectly fit but I know where to go for open gym, nature walks, and splash fountains.
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  • I Don’t…Self Improve 9 of 10
    I Don't...Self Improve
    I know lots of moms who swear by TED talks and who read amazing inspirational books. I'm sure I could stand some inspiration and self-improvement but I don't need more time focused on myself. I do need to spend more time connected with my kids and that's my focus now.
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  • I Do…Laugh At Myself 10 of 10
    I Do...Laugh At Myself
    You can't take this motherhood gig too seriously, at least not all of it. Molding little people is important work but some of it? Is just plain hilarious. When the baby farts in your face during a diaper change, let loose and laugh!
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