I’m Done Co-Sleeping — and I Couldn’t Be Happier

iStock_000010987777XSmallI have exciting news to share this evening: my 3 month old baby is asleep! In his crib! In his OWN ROOM!

I know every mother has to make her own choices on this subject and I respect whatever floats your boat. But I have failed at co-sleeping. Many moms I know co-sleep so that they can get more rest, but that’s just not possible for me. As my husband will attest, I am a very light sleeper, especially since becoming a mother. Each baby grunt, burp, and fart wakes me up, especially between the hours of 2-5am, which is when babies have their most active sleep.

All three of my babies have slept in a bassinet right next to my side of the bed since they were born. And yes, at some point in the late night/early morning all three of those babies ended up in bed with me as a side-lie nursed them back to sleep. Those hours snuggling in bed together were delicious but I never really slept well from that point on in the night, for fear I’d roll over the baby. And the baby grunting. Seriously, I just can’t sleep through it.

Also, I will risk sounding like a bad mommy and tell you that I kind of want my bedroom back. With my baby sleeping in my room it is lights out at 7pm and I don’t dare turn on the smallest lamp or make a peep after he has drifted off in the bassinet. My first two babies started sleeping in a separate room around 10 weeks old, when they achieved longer stretches of sleep at night. But due to a house move and my procrastination with unpacking, my new son’s room had not been set up.

Until today.

My husband and I finally got around to assembling the crib. I arranged the glider chair next to it and carefully stretched the fitted sheet around the mattress. When bedtime came I did my little routine of nursing, rocking, singing a lullaby, etc. And when I placed my baby down in that crib he just looked so small in that big bed. I had a moment. You know what I’m talking about? My breath caught in my throat as I gave him a little goodnight kiss. But I realized I was really kissing a whole phase of my life goodbye. The last baby has flown the coop to his own, real bed.

Now excuse me while I go read a book in MY bed — with the light on!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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