The Not-So-Perfect Christmas

The Not So Perfect Christmas
The Not So Perfect Christmas

Wow, it’s already over! Christmas happened — just like that. Weeks of planning, a few days of chaos and then it’s complete.

It was Zeke’s first Christmas and our first as a family of 6.  Having a large family around the holidays is a ton of work, but so worth it.

Like almost every mom, I want Christmas to be perfect. Every gift will have a bow. Every kid will have a smile and not meltdown.

*insert record scratch here*

Perfect? Not so much. Memorable? Most definitely.

Here’s a Glimpse Into Our Not-So-Perfect Christmas:

  • Christmas PJ’s 1 of 15
    Christmas PJ's
    Every year the kids get to open their Christmas PJ's. I picked up the monogrammed union suit that I had bought for Zeke and Izaiah. Zeke's had his name misspelled as Zake and Izaiah's was 2 sizes too big.
  • Christmas Eve Cookies 2 of 15
    Christmas Eve Cookies
    The older 2 stayed up and made cookies for Santa. I'm pretty sure they don't believe in Santa, but are afraid they won't get any gifts if they don't.
  • Stockings Were Hung – err Laid by The Fireplace 3 of 15
    Stockings Were Hung - err Laid by The Fireplace
    Stockings full of candy and Angry Birds tattoos.
  • Christmas Morning 4 of 15
    Christmas Morning
    The Christmas tree (with half of our lights burnt out) and the load from Santa's sled (a.k.a.
  • Zeke Confused on Christmas Morning 5 of 15
    Zeke Confused on Christmas Morning
    We woke up Zeke at 7 a.m. to open gifts. Zeke, like me - does NOT like mornings.
  • Celebrating Jesus 6 of 15
    Celebrating Jesus
    We ate our red velvet birthday cake for Jesus. This is our crazy toddler Izaiah.
  • Gift Time! 7 of 15
    Gift Time!
    Zeke sat in the middle of all of the gifts in him Bumbo as gift unwrapping began.
  • Still Sitting Here 8 of 15
    Still Sitting Here
    The gifts were unwrapped one by one - while Zeke sat confused in the middle of it all.
  • Getting Sleepy 9 of 15
    Getting Sleepy
    All of this gift unwrapping made him tired.
  • Z Unwrapped Zeke’s Gifts 10 of 15
    Z Unwrapped Zeke's Gifts
    Zeke had a few presents under the tree that Z helped him unwrap.
  • And He Fell Asleep 11 of 15
    And He Fell Asleep
    Too much excitement for this baby. He fell asleep in his bumbo.
  • Pappy Stops By 12 of 15
    Pappy Stops By
    Grandpa Pappy stopped by - Zeke slept.
  • Christmas Morning Isn’t Complete Without a Meltdown! 13 of 15
    Christmas Morning Isn't Complete Without a Meltdown!
    Izaiah, throwing a temper tantrum. Apparently Zeke is not allowed on their swingset.
  • Attempting to Get a Christmas Photo of the Kids 14 of 15
    Attempting to Get a Christmas Photo of the Kids
    A photo of all of my kids on Christmas is all I wanted. Trying to get 4 kids to cooperate is pretty much a joke.
  • Merry Christmas! 15 of 15
    Merry Christmas!
    And it happened, well kindof. I love it. We did it, made it through Zeke's first Christmas and our first Christmas with 4 kids.

  • Misspelling on the Christmas PJ’s
  • A husband who had the stomach bug
  • Christmas lights on the tree that are burned out
  • Kids woke us up at 7 a.m. to open gifts
  • I fell down the stairs (AGAIN) on Christmas morning massively bruising my leg
  • I may have forgotten about several presents I had hid
  • Kids didn’t sleep, meaning constant bickering and attitude
  • Forgot to cook the ham, so we had cold ham (it was actually good)
  • After sleeping 1 hour on Christmas eve — we fell asleep at 4:00 p.m.

We had fun and made memories. The day was stress-free as stress-free with four kids can be. Even when chaos erupts and when Christmas day is anything but perfect, I kept thinking to myself:

Before we know it the kids will all be gone. Make the most of Christmas and create memories that they will forever have, like Sean and I have of our days as a child.

As nice as that sounds, I still had a few moments where I am yelling at the kids to “turn it down” or “stop fighting” or “don’t break that!”. Seeing that our older 2 kids are out of school for another week, I except a few more mommy meltdowns. My secret weapon to stay sane? Moscato.

Mommy's secret weapon, Moscato
Mommy's secret weapon, Moscato

TELL ME I’M NOT ALONE! What Bumps Happened On Your Christmas Day?


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