The Nuna LEAF: A Seat of Their Own

When I was pregnant with Avery, I quickly became somewhat of a minimalist when it came to baby gear. We saved most of our gear from when Harlan was a baby. But when I was going through it for Avery, I donated the item if I only used it a couple of times with Harlan. We lived in a much smaller apartment now and it wasn’t practical to have our space cluttered with baby gear.

Most of our stuff is in storage, so as Avery grew, I’d have to rent a car to go to our storage unit to trade out the baby items that worked for her current age. It really was a hassle having to go every few months just so that she could have appropriate baby gear. I finally started to get smart enough to buy baby products that would last me a while. I wanted gear that would last me well beyond the baby stage. That is why I love the Nuna LEAF. It’s a seat that is suitable from birth to 130 pounds. That means that it will last me far beyond the baby stage.

Not only is it a seat that will stay with us for a long time, but it is also made of materials that are environmentally friendly. The cushion insert is made of organic cotton and the rest of the seat is made of materials that are free of any harmful substances or pesticides. Avery has very sensitive skin, so I am always cautious of what materials I am putting her in or on. I was grateful that I didn’t have to worry about that with the LEAF.

With Avery entering the toddler stage and Harlan becoming more of a big kid, I was curious to see how each of them would like the LEAF. They quickly fell in love with it for different reasons and are always trying to sit in it, which now makes it a staple in our living room.

  • Nuna LEAF 1 of 5
    Nuna LEAF
    The LEAF was inspired by the float of a leaf as it sways in the breeze. I love that the seat wasn't motorized and could easily sway back and forth with just a slight push. The motion is so soft and serene.
  • Avery’s Seat 2 of 5
    Avery's Seat
    Avery loves having her own little seat in the house. It makes her feel like such a big girl. The LEAF has such a sleek design that I don't mind it sitting out in my living room.
  • Harlan’s Seat 3 of 5
    Harlan's Seat
    When we first received the seat, I was skeptical to put Harlan in it because she is so big, but she fit really well in the seat. She loves it so much now that her favorite thing to do is sit in the LEAF and watch television swaying back and forth.
  • So Much Fun 4 of 5
    So Much Fun
    Avery loves that the LEAF sways back and forth so easily. She will just climb right in and let you push her back and forth. It also has a latch that easily locks the LEAF to a stationary position for those times that she likes to climb in it and just sit down.
  • LEAF Grows With Your Child 5 of 5
    LEAF Grows With Your Child
    I put a lot of thought into a baby product before I buy it. Because we live in such a small apartment, I want to buy something that will last me a long time and is versatile. The LEAF can fit a newborn or even a toddler.

For more information on the Nuna LEAF, please visit Nuna’s website.

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{Disclosure: I was provided with a Nuna LEAF for review purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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