The One About My Birthing Hips

Ladies, my day came today. The day I was able to get my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans around my hips and buttoned up comfortably.

(If you heard a giant hurrah around 11 am EST? That was me. I missed these jeans. Perfect color, perfect fit, perfect length. OH HOW I WAITED FOR THIS DAY.)

I never gained weight with my first pregnancy, in fact by the end I had lost weight (long story short, I had severe hyperemesis) so I was wearing regular pants to the delivery room. I knew I was in a very tiny minority so when I actually gained a few pounds this last time I knew I wouldn’t be jumping right back into my regular pants after I delivered. But what no one told me is that my hips would spread like cold butter on a warm pancake.

I saw a picture of myself from behind two months ago and I didn’t hate it so I figured I must be doing something right. Nine months up, nine months down. That’s what I kept telling myself. I heard it once years ago and kept telling myself it takes nine months to grow a human so it has to take at least nine months to recover. Seemed perfectly logical. So I didn’t really worry about my weight, I figured if nine months came and went and my pants were still only making it halfway up my thighs? I’d kick it into overdrive. That being said, I did go on a postpartum shopping trip at 4 months and stocked up on some trusty stretchy black pants (kiss kiss Lululemon xoxo, me) and a pair of jeans that fit (kiss kiss Old Navy Skinny Minny Flare xoxo, me) I figured I wouldn’t try on my pre-pregnancy pants again until that nine month mark, only two weeks ago as I ran upstairs, my pants fell down.

Never have I been happier to have my pants fall down.

My middle is still pretty squashy, but I love my squashy parts, they brought me my babies and they are their favorite places to rest their heads.

As of today I’ve been able to add four pairs of pants into my wardrobe and two dresses. Yay!

However my boobs, MY BOOBS ARE STILL HERE.

All 34F of them.


Ah well, my husband thinks it’s AMAZING and they balance out my birthing hips quite well.

How has your postpartum body been behaving?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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