The One Change I Made Before He Started Sleeping Through the Night

Who knew something so simple could help me get a full night's sleep?

Cullen has slept through the night three nights in a row.  And I don’t mean the baby book definition of “sleeping through the night” – a stretch of 8 hours or so (since when was 7pm-3am through the night?).  We’re talking 6:30pm to 7:00am and not a peep in between.

He had been down to just one night feeding for several months now – usually waking somewhere between 2 and 4am.  We tried a number of different methods to break him of this habit (after he reached the six month mark).  I tried soothing him, dad tried soothing him, we tried reduced feedings, we let him cry – none of it worked.  His pediatrician told me to go ahead and keep feeding him, and assured me eventually he’d drop it.

My older sister has a 13 month old, and has had similar sleeping woes.  Actually hers have been far more difficult – baby waking multiple times a night for over a year.  She called me last week to report that her son had magically slept through the night all week long.  Except it wasn’t magic.  She had changed one specific thing.  As soon as she mentioned it, I decided I’d give it a shot.  So that night I did it too…

I took him out of cloth diapers and went back to overnight disposables.  And wouldn’t you know – he slept through the night on the very first try.  Part of me wants to jump for joy that nine long sleepless months might actually be behind us.  Part of me wants to cry with regret that I didn’t try this sooner.  Although I think it really is a combination of drier diapers along with his age.  We have traveled and used disposables and he’s still woken up, so I do think age is playing a role in his sleeping.

Whatever it is, I’ll take it.  I love cloth diapering, and I’m a huge advocate for it, but none of the cloth overnight solutions I have tried have worked.  We’ve tried hemp inserts, doubling inserts, fastening tighter, different brands – and eventually they have all leaked through by morning.  I don’t blame Cullen for not wanting to sleep with a soggy bottom and damp sheets!

I’m sure there will be more sleepless nights eventually – teething, milestones, and growth spurts can’t be avoided.  But I’m hoping that our norm for now will be a little more rest for all of us.

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