The Perfect Post-Baby Bathing Suit!

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Four months ago I was sporting quite the pregnancy bod. I gained 50lb with Little Bean, and while I’m still working off the last 15, I’ve been feeling pretty good in my post-baby body until….

Bathing Suit Season.

*cue the dun dun duuuun here*

DAMN what is it about wearing a bathing suit that reduces me to a self-conscious 17 year-old little girl?

Maybe it’s because I was a self-conscious 17 year-old girl who would refuse to be seen in anything but a big baggie t-shirt and umbros (remember those?) I’ve always dreaded wearing a bathing suit. Always.

Knowing that all my current suits were not going to fit this slighter larger ass and thicker midsection, I ordered a new suit on a whim a week before our beach vacation.

Thankfully, I just happened to receive a Lands’ End catalog with discounted swimwear in time. Leafing through I was happy to see an array of Swim Dresses more than half off.

I ordered the Women’s Regular All-over Control Slender Grecian Swimdress in black. The only color they had left.

Honestly, it is AMAZING! At first I was worried. Trying it on was quite the challenge–like stuffing sausage into a second skin, but once on… WOW! Very flattering! At least I thought it was and really, that’s all that matters. A comfortable mom is a happy mom, especially on the beach. 🙂

Here are a few pics of the suit and me in it.

  • Women’s Regular All-over Control Slender Grecian Swimdress 1 of 4
    Women's Regular All-over Control Slender Grecian Swimdress
    This is the model from the Lands End site.
  • LIttle Bean and I 2 of 4
    LIttle Bean and I
    The suit is quite functional. I felt great with it on while "wearing" bean.
  • Little Bean, Big Brother and I 3 of 4
    Little Bean, Big Brother and I
    I know you can't really see the suit but I love this pic! 🙂
  • Me in all my glory 4 of 4
    Me in all my glory
    It's tight but flattering. Easy access to the boobs too. 😉

Do you have a favorite post-baby suit? Please share!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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