The Spicy Food Hits the Fan

Since Tate was born, I never thought much about avoiding certain foods. I had heard people say that they couldn’t eat chocolate or garlic or dairy. I had never noticed anything I ate having an effect on Tate, until this week.

In an effort to explore and to get to know our new area we went out for Mexican food. Not just any Mexican food either. This stuff was amazing. I downed everything in record speed including the spicier than usual salsa. It was such a good meal that we have talked about it for days afterward. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to sit well with Tate.

The night after eating out was one of the worst nights we have had for months. Tate woke up an hour or two after we went to bed, screaming his face off (usually when he wakes up in the night I find him quietly kicking in his bed). I nursed him, and he ate, pulled off, cried, and ate some more. This pattern went on most of the night. He wasn’t content to just lay beside me either he wanted to be held ALL NIGHT.

When morning finally came, we concluded that my yummy dinner did a number on him. I have resolved to be more careful with what I eat because no meal is worth an upset baby and a terrible night of sleep.

Is your baby sensitive to what you eat? Has it changed your post partum diet? Leave your experiences below.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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