On Clementine’s Adoption Status and National Adoption Month

iStock_000022745126SmallClementine’s adoption from foster care is moving along. I estimate our finalization date will be in March of next year, just after her 1st birthday. The adoption could have been done already, but I’ve learned that in adoption from foster care, speeding to finalization isn’t always the best route.

Clementine’s wise foster-to-adoption case worker recommended that I get Clementine medically tested for everything under the sun, seeing as she was a newborn with very little family history. At first, I was resistant. “She’s fine, and I’m going to adopt her regardless of any diseases, disorders, or challenges she may have,” I said. But then I learned that in the state of New York, Clementine could keep her Medicaid medical insurance after adoption if she were to stay in foster care for one year or have a special need. I know from working in mental health that Medicaid can be the golden ticket for everything from surgery to inpatient psychiatric care. Doctors and hospitals like Medicaid, and Medicaid covers almost everything.

Currently, we’re in the middle of Early Intervention evaluations. We’ve gotten through ophthalmology with flying colors, and we have the geneticist and neurologist appointments yet to go. We should have all of the assessments complete by the next court date. Court dates run every six months in NYC foster care — so if not March 2014, then definitely by September 2014!

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