The Story of How Fern Winter Got Her Name

I love hearing the story behind people’s names and I always knew that I wanted my baby to have a strong name that meant something one day.

I had always loved the name Audrey, because of it’s meaning, “noble grace” and I loved the name Harper for many years, because of Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird – a very important book), but when it came time to start throwing around names for our baby while I was pregnant neither name really seemed quite right.

My husband and I had numerous disagreements over name choices. Basically, I came up with a lot of names and he didn’t like/vetoed all of them. But, one day the stars aligned when I mentioned, “What about Fern?”

Craig paused and I could see he was mulling it over. After a moment he said, “I like it!” Fern was the name of a girl that a friend of mine had met one day while walking around in Portland and she’d told me about what a cute name she thought it was. I agreed, especially when I remembered that I had a great grandmother (she died before I could ever meet her) named Fern – a nice little family nod.

The only thing left now was to come up with a middle name and that proved to be even more difficult than coming up with a first name! One day I sat down and wrote out literally 30 middle names alongside Fern. Craig hated every. single. one. I gave up. Maybe Fern wouldn’t even have a middle name. I supposed that this wouldn’t be the end of the world since it’s not like middle names really get used all that often.

On January 15th, I went into labor and we still didn’t have a middle name picked out, not that I was really thinking about that at the time. I had a little moment of panic before we left for the birthing center and to distract me, Craig said, “Hey! Have you thought of any other middle names? What about ‘Winter’?” His reasoning was that it was supposed to snow (the first snow of the year in Portland) that day and it would be pretty cool if it worked out that way, especially considering that we’d gotten married four years earlier on the first snow fall of that year.

Well, as fate would have it, Fern was in fact born that very afternoon during the first snowfall of winter, and with the significance of getting married during the first snowfall, and the fact that we started dating in winter, got married in the winter and have always loved spending time in the snow together, we thought it was a pretty perfect name for our little one.

And that is how Miss Fern Winter got her name.

How did you choose your baby’s name?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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