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Photo Credit: Molly Darling/Flickr
Photo Credit: Molly Darling/Flickr

I still can’t stop thinking about baby names and it’s been 10 months since my daughter was born.  Two weeks ago, I posted “Ugh, My Daughter’s Name Is On The 2013 Most Popular List” and this week The Huffington Post ran a fantastic piece called “How To Name a Baby” that looks at baby naming fads and trends. Perhaps better titled “How Not to Name a Baby,” the author breaks down the naming categories parents fall into.  She nails it on the head with the “Go Timeless” people (e.g. Elizabeth, David), the “Go super weird” (e.g. Grudzel), “Go a little weird but not too weird” (e.g. Wyatt, Brooklyn) and those who “Just dive into the current honeymoon knowing you’re picking a popular name” (e.g. Sophia, Aiden).

I chose my daughter’s name, Clementine, with idea one and three in mind—timeless, but a little weird. I fear the name will wind up in the last group in a few years, but aside from hiring a census statistician, I’m not sure how I could predicted the future of baby names.

When I began searching for baby names, I did the usual Google searches of “unique baby names,” “hip baby names” and “unusual baby names” and I eventually found myself recycling through the same few websites again and again. In talking about baby names with my friend Ara, she revealed her baby naming secret…

New Orleans obituary listings.

Now, before you squeeze your eyes shut from cringing so hard, hear me out. Or rather, just glance at some of these great names that have avoided the baby name fads:

1. Dagny

2. Wilton

3. Clyde

4. Smokey

5. Urban

6. Willadean

7. Zona

8. Ruffin

9. Milton

10. Thelma

11. Inez

12. Buster

13. Texana

14. Cairo

15. Florestine


And the nicknames, oh the nicknames… I can’t get enough: “Crackers,” “Jinky,” “Bonzy,” “Goo You,” “Taxi Jack,” “Pudden,” “Figgie Lynn,” “Soup Bone”, “Peabo”, “Boat-see” and the list goes on and on.   If Southern names aren’t your thing, I’m sure any local obituary page would render a fresh list of baby names.

Which are your favorites?


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