The Teeny Tiny Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Pump it Up Freestyle!

Remember a few weeks ago when I was looking for travel pump advice? In the end I brought along the trusty Medela Pump in Style. A bit bulky but it did the trick and my roomie was lulled to sleep each night with a gentle wooooosh-wooooosh. Luckily on THAT trip I had the freedom to return to the hotel room several times a day. Knowing I had another trip coming up, a trip that had a less flexible schedule, I contacted Medela to get their thoughts on travel pumps. They recommended that I try the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump and offered to send me one to review. Um, yes please!

Let me tell you a little about my experience with the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump. The first thing I noticed was how small the actual unit is. It’s about the size of my hand and includes a rechargeable battery. The charging cord is small and lightweight. It’s also a pretty buttery yellow, but that’s not really important. The back has a belt clip and it comes with a “belt” and strap system for wearing, so you can pretty much do anything while you’re pumping. I could have literally piped buttercream roses* while pumping. The tubing is one piece (less chance of loss and less fussing) that splits to two for double pumping (but can also be used singly.) It was so nice to do both sides at once with a travel pump. The cups are soft and rubbery, noticeable more comfortable than the hard plastic version on my (circa 2007) Pump-In-Style…

I turned the “simulation” and “expression” up to high and went to work. There was a vibrating motion in the cups which helped the milk “let down” and the suction gradually worked its way up to high. I thought it was weaker at first but then I realized that it was just that it was a more comfortable experience. It seemed like it maybe took an extra minute for milk to make an appearance but once it did, the speed and production was similar to the Pump-In-Style. I filled a 5oz bottle on each side in 8-11 minutes.

The pump and accessories come in a small tote but I was able to carry everything I needed in the smaller cooler bag that was about 6×6″. IT FIT IN MY PURSE!

Some reviews that I read mentioned that they found the pump noisy. I didn’t find it any louder than the Pump-in-Style but it is a different sound which was strange at first. You do have to keep the bottles upright to avoid leaking, unlike other pumps. These two little negatives are outweighed by the overall performance and total portability of this tiny pump.

I like this pump so much that I offered up my Pump-In-Style to a pregnant friend. This little wonder is all I need!  Highly recommend for the mama who pumps on the go!

I was given The Medela Freestyle Breastpump by Medela for my review and giveaway. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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