The Teething Phase Has to be My Least Favorite

teethingI think I forgot or honestly blocked out this phase of infants because I don’t know why I wasn’t more prepared. The teething and drooling has started and both Silver and I are miserable.

This has to be one of my least favorite totally normal milestones in infants for many reasons, but mostly because no one is happy. I hate seeing Silver so grumpy and not being able to do much to help him. Add in the constant need to change his shirts or his bibs because he soaks himself wet and it’s even more noisy and gross.

I really don’t know if my other three kids had it this bad or if they handled it better, but I am surprised with how ill-prepared I was. He is still a little bit clumsy in using a toy or a teether to help soothe his gums and it’s clear he wants to just chomp down on anything. With a latex allergy in the house, we’re not able to purchase the well-loved giraffe many parents have to help their baby, so I’m scrambling to find something to help with the gnawing. His hands seem to be the only thing he wants to chew on — and chomp down on while breastfeeding.

Yeah, ouch! I hope he stops that before he actually gets teeth.

As if keeping up the laundry wasn’t challenging enough with four children. Silver is already having digestive issues. And this drool thing has upped it even further! Anyone know any good laundry secrets too?

Any tips on dealing with the teething and drool? Share in the comments!

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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