The Three Minute Car Seat Safety Checklist

One of the most terrifying car rides of my life was bringing baby Paul home from the hospital.

It was January 15th, snow and ice were covering the roads and the temperature was dropping while the wind was picking up. Door to do, we had about 15 miles between us.

Typically,┬átreacherous road conditions don’t really faze me in the least, but putting a two day old into that weather equation didn’t sit well with my already heighten postpartum anxiety.

My husband fastened himself into the driver seat (I could tell he was anxious too), and I took the seat next to baby Paul in the back row.

But before we left the hospital, we had a staff member from labor & delivery inspect our car seat and installation, as a precautionary measure.

The Three Minute Car Seat Safety Check:

1. Harness straps should be snug, installed at or below the infant’s shoulders.

2. The harness chest clip must be at the infant’s armpit level.

3. The straps lie flat in a straight line without twisting.

4. The seat is installed rear-facing.

5. The seat base can is secured with either the LATCH system or the vehicle seat belt.

6. Buckle tongues are fully engaged.

7. The seat’s level line is be between the two marks.

8. When at all possible, the seat is installed in the center of the back seat, rather than on one of the sides next to the window.

9. The base does not move more than 1 inch from side-to-side or from front-to-back.

10. The seat is properly engaged with the base.

The whole process of having a professional double check to make sure everything was secured properly put my mind at easy. I would say it was 3 minutes of time very well spent.

Before you left the hospital with baby, did someone double-check your car seat installation?

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