The Tip for Traveling with Baby that I've Never Heard!

Joanne Goddard devotes Monday’s to parenting posts on her delicious site Cup Of Joe. She regularly rocks my world with little tidbits of advice and beautiful things, and funny things, and heartwarming things related to the care of those tiny humans amonst us.

A few weeks ago she wrote 10 Tips for Traveling with Baby. Now how many times have we seen tips for traveling with baby? I know. But this list had one that I had never heard before and I just had to try it…

4. Sit apart on the plane. This is a random tip (and sounds counter-intuitive), but we swear by it: If you’re traveling with your husband/wife/partner, don’t sit together; instead, get two aisle seats far apart on the plane. Here’s our story: When we arrived at the airport for our San Francisco flight, Alex and I realized that we weren’t sitting together on the flight. It was too late to change our seats, and I was bummed at first, since I figured it would make the flight more difficult. But we were actually surprised to find that it made things MUCH easier for all three of us. Alex and I agreed to switch off with Toby every hour. It was GREAT for us (we each got frequent breaks to sleep/read/eat/watch TV/etc. and weren’t on co-baby-duty for the entire flight) and GREAT for the baby (it was fun and refreshing to see mom/dad each time we switched and kept things interesting throughout the long flight).

I excitedly shared my plan to implement this on our trip to Chicago and Rick got an evil gleam in his eye. I suddenly realized that he couldn’t be trusted to hold up his end of the bargain and this plan would result in me angrily single-parenting while he napped, so we all “suffered” together. HA!

What do you think? Will you try this on your next flight? It’s pretty genius, I think.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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