The Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs of 2013

Babies grow up fast. One minute, they’re tiny, wrinkly faced newborns emitting the littlest of cries while helpless in their bassinets. The next, they’re chubby-cheeked, toothy almost-toddlers, ready for adventure, whether mommy and daddy can keep up or not! That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep your camera (or camera-equipped smartphone) handy to capture the all-too-fleeting moments of babyhood. Need some inspiration? Check out these top-notch baby photo bloggers and their “awww” inspiring pics.

  • The Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs of 2013 1 of 21

    Seeking photography inspiration for your new bundle of joy? Check out these baby photo blogs and their "awww" inspiring pics!

  • Mommy Shorts 2 of 21
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    If you're looking for a blog that makes you giggle as you gawk at adorable littles, Mommy Shorts is the place for you. The very witty Ilana Wiles, a mom of two who also blogs here at Babble, often posts great pictures of her wide-eyed baby Harlow. And she doesn't hesitate to poke some good-natured fun at her infant's sometimes extreme stare with blurbs like: "She just stole your soul, in case you want to ask for it back." Wiles can also be credited for promoting the cuteness of other babies on her site: She's the inventor of "Baby Mugging."

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    Photo credit: Mommy Shorts

  • What the B**p Am I Doing?! Breastfeeding in Color 3 of 21

    Blogger and lactation educator-in-training Iola Kostrzewski was disappointed to see so few pictures of women of color breastfeeding, so she decided to do something about it. Kostrzewski gathered photos of nursing moms with their beautiful babies for her "Breastfeeding in Color" project and shared some of their stories. "If more mothers of color saw other moms who they could relate to breastfeed, maybe just maybe more moms would try to breastfeed and then succeed at breastfeeding," Kostrzewski wrote.

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    Photo credit: Allison Kuznia Photography

  • Enjoying the Small Things 4 of 21
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    Photographer and blogger Kelle Hampton takes stunning and touching pictures of her children, including handsome baby Dash, who was born earlier this year. Does Hampton's name sound familiar? The Florida resident is also the author of The New York Times bestseller Bloom, a memoir about life with her middle child, Nella, who has Down syndrome.

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    Photo credit: Enjoying the Small Things

  • Momma’s Gone City 5 of 21

    Jessica Shyba was a fashionista and suburbanite-turned-Manhattanite momma who posted irresistible pictures of her children living the city life, be it frolicking in Central Park or descending subway steps. She and her brood have recently returned to California, but fortunately the fun photos — including frolicking on the beach and descending on a local nursery — haven't stopped.

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    Photo credit: Momma's Gone City

  • Cass Miller 6 of 21

    The tagline of photographer Cass Miller's blog is "creating a beautiful life," and boy, does she ever. Her photos are simply charming, whether she's documenting life with her husband and two daughters or she's taking head-to-toe wardrobe shots of her own stylish self. Her daughters are getting older, but baby lovers, take note: Miller recently announced she's expecting a third child, so get ready for a whole new round of beautiful baby photos.

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    Photo credit: Cassidy Miller Photography

  • Molly Flanagan Photography 7 of 21
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    Family photographer Molly Flanagan finds extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. Think you've witnessed every cute baby scenario imaginable? How about a baby dressed only in swim goggles and a diaper racing through a bathroom and away from an irritated-looking older brother? That was a moment Flanagan captured between her own children, and she does the same for other families, too.

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    Photo credit: Molly Flanagan | Family Storytelling Photographer

  • Baby Rabies 8 of 21

    Remember how hard it was to leave your bed when your newborn was nestled in your arms? Or the weeks upon weeks spent wearing pajamas and sporting unbrushed hair because you were too tired to put on anything else? Jill of Baby Rabies somehow manages to make all of that look good as she shows what life is like with her new baby Lowell. Fun fact: Jill, whose older child is in kindergarten, is a former "baby-phobe" who got baby fever that evolved into a full-blown case of "baby rabies," hence the blog name.

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    Photo credit: Baby Rabies Photography

  • To the Sea 9 of 21

    Texas native Erica is a globe-trotting expat living in Tanzania with her husband, a sassy little girl named Evita Pilar, and a growing baby bump. Little Eva is quite the beach bum in Tanzania, as her mama's pictures show, but she also fits right in at other international locales, like glittering Dubai. Once the next baby traveler is born, expect twice as many wonderful, worldly pictures!

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    Photo credit: Erica Castillo

  • Life, Love, Simple 10 of 21

    Dena Joan and her husband live in a little house on a little mountain surrounded by hiking trails. Add a lovable baby named Roman James to the mix, and you have the makings of a stunning photo collection. But Dena doesn't hesitate to temper all the beauty with doses of reality, writing of running on "next-to-no" sleep thanks to a crying baby boy and of other challenges all-too-familiar to new parents.

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    Photo credit: Dena Botbyl-DelloBuono | Life, Love, Simple

  • Baby Making Machine 11 of 21

    Jennifer is a news reporter in Texas by day and "a mom 24/7." She blogs about juggling motherhood with her career, but baby lovers will especially appreciate all the great pics of curly-haired cutie pie "Big T," who was born in April 2013. Need more convincing? Three words: pudgy baby thighs. Let the "awwwws" begin.

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    Photo credit: Jennifer Borget

  • Chris + Erica Ivy Olive Mae (The Patten Family Blog) 12 of 21

    Whether they're going canoeing, hanging out at a park or just shopping at a local Home Depot, the Patten family of five always seems to be having a good time. That includes baby Mae, whose toothy grin instantly makes any photo frame-worthy.

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    Photo credit: Erica Patten

  • Naps Happen 13 of 21

    A few years ago, Alicia Steffann discovered her young son had an amazing talent. He could sleep in "the strangest places and positions." She took photos documenting his hilarious napping habits, and "Naps Happen" was born. Steffann's younger son carried on the tradition, and today, in addition to her kids, you can see "guest" babies and toddlers snoozing in all manners of amusing ways. Naps happen, and thanks to the photos here, so do plenty of laughs.

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    Photo credit: Alicia of Naps Happen

  • Momista Beginnings 14 of 21

    Misty Jeanine is an art teacher — a fact that will come as no surprise once you've seen her artful portraits of her growing daughter Mia. From examining her foot while sitting in a rocking chair to hugging a well-loved stuffed bunny, Mia is the picture of innocence. Happily, there are many such charming photos. Misty, who recently started a family photography business, has committed to taking a portrait photo of Mia once a week, every week in 2013.

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    Photo credit: Momista Beginnings

  • My Baby Birds 15 of 21

    Coast Guard wife and amateur photographer Jessica has four beautiful daughters — including a set of twins — but baby lovers will especially appreciate heartwarming photos of the youngest, baby Margo, nicknamed "Pants." See her cuddle with an older sister, relax on the floor with the family dog, or chew on a grown-up's glasses. Ready to compliment the cuteness with some parenting insights? You'll appreciate Jessica's unvarnished accounts of life as a mom of four.

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    Photo credit: Jessica R.Orlowicz

  • Spit and Sparkles 16 of 21

    Austin, Texas mom Steffany isn't "afraid to put it all out there." Fortunately, what she's putting out there often includes adorable photos of her twins, Corbin and Lynley. The boy-girl pair was born nine weeks early, and today they are small but healthy. You'll cheer along with Steffany as she chronicles their milestones and captures their beautiful blue eyes gazing out at the world.

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    Photo credit: Diann Brodnax

  • And So It Is… 17 of 21

    New mom Kelly and her husband Keane are a young Colorado couple with a new baby and a zest for the outdoors. Come for the photos of little baby Liv, and then stay for gorgeous pics of Colorado scenery plus Kelly's DIY tutorials on everything from no-heat curls to updating old fashions. 

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    Photo credit: And So It Is...

  • Hux + Lulu 18 of 21

    Hillary Brooke is into "crunchy hippie mama things" like baby-wearing and organic clothes, and she's got the photos to show it. Brooke gave birth to her new daughter this past summer and has wasted no time putting up sweet pics of her little lady Ellis June, along with shots of proud big brother Hux. Looking to go on a baby fashion shopping spree? Hillary provides a guide to Ellis' stylish wardrobe (and Hux's, too!) on Instagram at shophuxandlulu.

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    Photo credit: Highland Street Photography

  • Petite Biet 19 of 21

    New Yorkers Belle and her husband, Gaby, live a life rich with food, music, fashion, and of course, babies. Daughter Biet is now a toddler to be exact, but little Lucien — born earlier this year — is so precious you can almost smell his sweet baby scent through Belle's delightful close-ups. Join this happy household as they explore the best New York City has to offer, from a jazz lawn party to a simple stroll down a bustling street.

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    Photo credit: Petite Biet

  • Love, Joleen 20 of 21
    Love Joleen Blog by Joleen Pete_Photo by Benjamin Pete_Babble Submission

    Professional photographer Joleen Pete blogs about breastfeeding, baby fashion, and more while putting her photography skills to use snapping great shots of her handsome and stylish baby boy Benjamin. Want to try out Benjamin's adorable outfits on your own little one? You're in luck: Joleen does plenty of giveaways from stores and companies behind her baby's nifty threads and accessories.

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    Photo credit: Benjamin Pete

  • She Had Us at Hello 21 of 21

    London blogger Dee has a degree in fine art photography and a style driven by "an interest in crumbling backdrops, faded tones, real people, and movement." She also happens to have two lovely little girls, the younger of which, Claya, recently turned 1. You'll be captivated by everything from Dee's whimsical shots of the girls dressed up in frilly bird hats to a close-up of Claya's muddy little legs. London lovers, meanwhile, will appreciate Dee's photographic odes to the city's charms, like Victoria Park or Sunbury Antiques Market.

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    Photo credit: Dee Purdy


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