Babble’s Top Mom Bloggers With the Littlest Kids

Last week, Babble came out with their Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2012.

There are tons of great blogs on and off that list— some funny, some well-designed, some informative, and some controversial.

But if you are new to writing and/or reading mom blogs, there is probably one thing you are interested in more than anything else…

Which of these bloggers have kids that are the same age as yours?

At least, that’s what I was looking for when I first started reading mom blogs about two years ago.

I have found that most of the people who read my blog have kids that are a similar age, if not exactly the same, as mine. Even now that I just had a new baby, there were so many readers who were pregnant with their second right alongside me —  which is really what building community is all about.

So, since I write for Babble Baby and can assume most of the people reading have a brand new addition of their own, I went through Babble’s list of Top 100 Mom Blogs and found the one’s talking about the littlest kids.

They are …

  • #2 Moosh in Indy 1 of 12
    #2 Moosh in Indy
    Casy Mullins blogs from Indianapolis where she lives with her husband, her daughter Addie, and her newest addition, Vivi, who arrived in 2011.
    Read Moosh In Indy
  • #5 Girls Gone Child 2 of 12
    #5 Girls Gone Child
    Rebecca Wolf has four kids including a pair of twin girls, whom she calls Bo and Revi, who just turned one.
    Read Girl's Gone Child
  • #14 Design for Minikind 3 of 12
    #14 Design for Minikind
    Erin Loechner takes her award-winning site Design for Mankind and scales it down for new baby Bee.
    Read Design for Minikind
  • #40 Momma’s Gone City 4 of 12
    #40 Momma's Gone City
    Jessica Shyba's raising three adorable kids in NYC, including her son Beau, a total character at barely one year old.
    Read Momma's Gone City
  • #49 Nie Nie Dialogues 5 of 12
    #49 Nie Nie Dialogues
    Stephanie Nielson survived a tragic plane accident and now resides in Utah with five children, including her littlest, Charlotte.
    Read Nie Nie Dialogues
  • #52 The RunaMuck 6 of 12
    #52 The RunaMuck
    Amber C. Haines is a mother of four (three of them born in three years) who explores faith, family and feelings along with daily life in the South.
    Read The RunaMuck
  • #54 Mommy Shorts 7 of 12
    #54 Mommy Shorts
    That's me! I've got two little girls— Mazzy just turned three and Harlow is not even one month old.
    Read Mommy Shorts
  • #65 The 818 8 of 12
    #65 The 818
    Morgan Shanahan is a blogger and screenwriter from LA with an adorable toddler daughter and a fierce Instagram habit.
    Read The 818
  • #78 Baby Rabies 9 of 12
    #78 Baby Rabies
    Jill Krause's hilarious blog talks about many things including her two kids, the youngest born in 2010 whom she lovingly refers to as "fatty."
    Read Baby Rabies
  • #93 The Purposeful Mom 10 of 12
    #93 The Purposeful Mom
    Jen Thorson lives by the Bible and says she parents her three little kids (including J, born in April 2011) by the Bible, too.
    Read The Purposeful Mom
  • #95 Dear Baby Blog 11 of 12
    #95 Dear Baby Blog
    Melissa Jordan writes love letters to her little girl Everly and her youngest, Arlo.
    Read Dear Baby Blog
  • #100 Life as an Artistpreneur 12 of 12
    #100 Life as an Artistpreneur
    Becka Robinson writes her beautifully designed blog from Florida, where she resides with her husband, dog, and baby boy.
    Read Life as an Artistpreneur

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