The Tummy-Time Belly-Sleeping Conundrum

Tummy Time Baby
Fuzz Doing Tummy Time

Now that Fuzz is two months old, we are entering the most worrisome period for SIDS. I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I have a special baby monitor for Fuzzball’s cosleeper to alert us if he stops breathing, so clearly it’s something we are both hyper-concerned about. Our pediatrician says it’s okay for Fuzz to nap on his belly, just during the day.

Fuzz often falls asleep during tummy-time, so I usually just let him continue to sleep there until he wakes up. I’m happy to let him nap on his belly because he usually sleeps longer this way. Unfortunately, it makes me more anxious so I end up checking on him a hundred times during this long sleep. If I’m taking a nap next to him, it interrupts my very necessary slumber. If I’m working or doing something around the house, I constantly hover over his bassinet to make sure his back is rising and falling.

I’m wondering about baby sleep and why a belly sleep during the day for two to three hours is less concerning than a belly sleep at night for two to three hours. I suppose it is that I will check on him so often that makes it safe enough to let him, but how can my pediatrician assume I’m going to be the kind of parent that will obsessively check? The rules have to apply for everyone, right? At this point in Fuzzball’s sleep, is his daytime sleep that different than his nighttime sleep? I’ve heard of at least one infant who died of SIDS during the day.

Not that I’m one to talk about worry for SIDS when I have broken just about every co-sleeping rule there is, but when the research shows that SIDS reduced significantly when infants were placed on their backs, I’m much more inclined to follow those rules, even if I don’t like them. Do you let your baby nap on his or her tummy?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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